Macron’s state visit to LRC. What does it matter to Ambazonia?

Mr Macron’s visit comes too late in the period of the Ambazonia liberation war. Too late for France, too late for french Cameroun and just too late, period.

What should Ambazonians do?  Nothing! Well, nothing special. In the last six years Ambazonians have regained their dignity and should carry on enjoying it in every way they can. We have persisted with the country Sunday week in week out.  We should “behave free” and remain focused on ending the LRC occupation.

Our errors of the past were good errors. Our founding fathers thought we were joining brothers in good faith and it turned out those brothers were conniving proxies of France to maintain colonies in Africa. We accept that was the founding fathers’ error and we ask ourselves who are we going to be? Are we going to resume our position of helpless victims or persist in our newfound dignity and restore our nation? That is the question every Ambazonian on ground zero must ask themselves. Though life has not got any easier in the last few years it is clear that dignity is back. No longer is “Bamenda” the insult it used to be. We can proudly tell Camerounese that we are from Bamenda.

The arrival of Mr Macron is going to attempt to solve one problem for LRC – the succession.  The “obvious” french mechanism to anoint a son as the “chop-chair”. From our perspective, the chop-chair whose kite had been testing the skies brings nothing to our attention. We have not lost school children, grandmothers, pregnant women young men and villages only to return to second-class citizenship under lazier and more incompetent nobodies! Not even with the support of the French and British behind them! Our lives and livelihoods are not available to be sacrificed to maintain a concept that was constructed by foreign occupiers for their own interests. Without justice, it makes no difference whether Cameroon continues to exist. We would not be losing anything!

Given the foregoing truism, the French may be tempted to engineer the “Anbglophons’ turn”. This would take the form of finding a stooge they would present as the next president of LRC. Of course that would only be a temporary break to try and also kill off the restoration of Ambazonia as, they might calculate, the ARF might be susceptible to suggestions that that is the change that was demanded. To make sure, they could “grant” a federation “of sorts”, then in a few years the francophones would resume their position and proceed with the assimilation. Ambazonians should simply behave free and not be dazzled. It would be hard to explain the last six years of repression on the very word federation only to “grant it”.

This scenario is extremely unlikely given the limited amount of time to construct it, but nothing can be put beyond the French, witness their recent exploits in renewing their proxies in neighbouring Chad! Who could the stooge be? PMM? PAN? JDN?

They might try not to make it too obvious. Choose a francophone and “reform to a federation of sorts”. They would be pressed for time and plausibility in repressing for these years only to “reform”, but that would be under-hand as only the French can do.

Ambazonians should ignore any such offers.

Of note is the idea that the “choice” is unlikely to be Ambazonian but more likely a facilitator from the ranks of the so-called elites. In that case we can trust Ambazonians to see past any appearances and remain resilient and focused on “behaving free”. We must remember how we have been exploited and and abused over the decades and not be tempted just because sardines are dangled!

All of this is mere speculation and supposition given the fact that it is all too late! And the visit is not even confirmed!

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