LRC -Russia Agreement; Ambazonia Has Won!!

Beti Assomo and Gen Choigou

Reports and images are circulating of the agreement between LRC’s Beti Assomo and Russia’s defence minister Gen Choigou. There are many possible outcomes to the coorporation including the possible entrance of Vladimir Putin’s private army know as Wagner Group. That would be something to fear. But BIR was something to fear and they have done their worst and left Mr Biya needing to go cap-in-hand to MR Putin… Ambazonia should celebrate that victory!

Another outcome is the possible reaction of “the International Community” to the previously “internal problem” which they dealt with by expressing “concern” and allowing Mr Biya all sorts of of latitude to “solve”. Hence the infamous Great National Dialogue and other gimmicks. The “outcome” of the GDN, which lead to “Special Status” has not “solved” the “internal problem” and has not stopped Mr Biya needing to go cap-in-hand to Mr Putin, who himself has used up all his diplomatic capital and is unlikely to get away with fuelling another conflict while the International wait cross-armed… Ambazonia should celebrate that victory!!

Ambazonian factions are finally talking collaboration. And about time too! So even if Wagner turn up we will make losses but not lose. LRC, on the other hand, will have to recon with their colonial masters who are in the opposite camp to Russia in the European conflict! France’s grip on their African colonies will only loosen and Ambazonia will get the credit for progressing the course of African independence…Ambazonia should celebrate that victory!!!

The Most High God is the Watchman of our Nation!

Ambazonia Alive and Kicking

This week Ambazonia has shown resilience beyond our detractors and distractions. It is now clear that Ambazonia is here to stay and any designs by LRC or mistakes or misjudgements by us Ambazonia are ineffectual.

The international community, which has always endorsed our course, is now increasingly willing to openly address our plight. The biggest of these instances was the announcement of TPS by the US administration for Cameroonians. This provides a safe haven for escapees and freedom campaigners seeking to restore justice and our statehood after it has become clear that cohabitation with LRC has not worked and has always been ill-fated.

A recent outing by Honorable Nagy said that the advent of Ambazonia was only a matter of time and was inevitable. We should take heart and encouragement from those open expressions.

We should continue to put our case in any corridors we can access while we help ourselves. Remember, LRC’s hope was that we would become wary. While it is honest to accept that some of us are, it is also very encouraging to not how we are reacting to it.

This author has been in more contact with our people and in every exchange our activists at many different levels have universally preached allegiance to the flag before and group interest. They have all called for collaboration in liberating our homeland regardless of our group affiliations. One LGA, which I am not naming is resetting on a reconciliation platform where they will focus on action to liberate the LGA and improve conditions for the population. As it happens, a spontaneous example of new resolve was the story of a patient who accidentally break a local lockdown to go for hospital treatment was intercepted on their way back home. Investigations quickly shed light on the situation and they were cared for and supported thereafter by our forces.

Our people need to see that the daily sacrifices they make are aligned and in harmony with the more immediate sacrifices made by our Restoration forces towards the same goal. When LRC come in to try and sow division, our alignment and common objective will see us through for LRC cannot help being themselves as occupiers!!!

The Most High God is the Watchman of our nation.

Action and Accountability Cabinet announced.

The IG has released a seven-department cabinet focused on Action and Accountability. The definitive list will appear on Ambazonia News as soon as we can establish its complete accuracy.

It should be recalled that President Marianta Njomia in her inaugural speech pleged to prioritize GZ and ensure accountability.

It is no secret that the turmoil of the recently removed government has sowed confusion in the LGAs so one of the urgent tasks is the reconstitution and revitalisation of all LGAs to return to the important task of defending our land and people.

Ambazonia News understands that President Marianta Njomia is keen on collaboration as a way of ensuring that all RFs base their rules of engagement on the common objective of restoring Ambazonia.

Initial soundings by Ambazonia News point to an alignment of ideas already as it was noted that many reconstituting groups [LGAs] are basing their modus operandi on “allegiance to the flag first and foremost” as they seek to adapt.

The future is bright.