Ambazonian restoration…already here!

The last thread by which the LRC-Southern Cameroons failed union hangs is becoming clearer. Why else would LRC be willing to cough up 100m CFA to release “Sen.” Mundi? It turns out that last thread is the existence of “representatives” of Southern Cameroons in LRC’s parliament. Without them LRC could not sustain an argument in any international setting.

LRC’s first mistake was to “win” the Foumban conference. That lead to their failure to bother to get the union signed off and recorded with the UN. That means the entity known as LRC is the French Cameroon which gained “independence” from France on January first 1960.

The win at Foumban kicked off a scam which has relied on the implied consent of Southern Cameroonians for the de facto union to keep going. It kept going but apparently the proxy French colonialist in LRC had no idea as they kept multiplying their mistakes. Even so they remained lucky in that Southern Cameroonians basically would have settled for a fair and just country and the lack of a treaty would not have mattered. Southern Cameroonians could be argued to have been willing to postpone that fair country into the future as they stoically “accepted” all LRC’s provocations with only minor complaints. Of course the international community has always been happy to “let sleeping dogs lie” to avoid resolving any problems that interfere with the messy balance of self interest.

Mr Ahidjo committed the first error in abolishing the federation which would have lead to a fair country that would have rendered the missing treaty of union unnoticed. Of course he did not know but was lucky in that Southern Cameroons did not know either, and, in any case, appeared determined to settle for even a promise of fairness in future!

Enter Mr Biya in 1982. Having exhausted his honeymoon in less than three years he decided to consolidate and commit the final major error…namely to effectively withdraw LRC from the union-without-a-treaty by reverting the name to LRC! Luck still held as Southern Cameroons persisted in hoping for a fair country in the future and accepting unbelievable doses of provocation. Mr Biya probably clocked on to the problem soon as he set up a patronage system to bring Southern Cameroons “elites” to provide the “representation” that justified the de facto union.

Mr Biya was basically not up to his dictatorial powers as he let his system sweep over him and create its own automatic corrupt tribalistic machine. He had too little control so when the “Anglophone Crisis” came he could not deal with it. He was already a patient but remained “in charge” so nobody could carry out the really simple negotiations that would have quelled it. Instead the situation quickly got out of hand to the point where LRC concluded they had to “win” through violence. Fast forward now… LRC has been fighting a losing genocidal war to preserve a union they not only did not sign legally but themselves dissolved when they withdraw even from the de facto union. There is no way for LRC to negotiate as they have nothing to negotiate with. They need to win but they cannot because even they, contrary to their pretensions, think of Southern Cameroons as foreign!

Last Friday for the first time in many years, LRC did not put any effort into showing that “normalcy” existed in Ambazonia. Even their most fervent quack experts have given up and now call Ambazonia “Ambazonia”, rather than NOSO.

Though “NOSO” was offensive it was also one of a long list of LRC shooting themselves in the foot when attempting to deal with Ambazonia.

Now to Ambazonians. Whether by design or coincidence the Mundi arrest points the way. All to the individuals closing to be representing Southern Cameroons constituencies, which they refer to using NOSO need to be dissuaded to make it clear that it is no longer even a de facto union. After that the various Ambazonian groups need to urgently confer to set up and agree their institutions.

Most Ambazonian groups have talked of collaboration. They need to take it seriously and urgently get on, looking at Somaliland as a model. To spell it out, our country can start functioning without waiting for formal recognitions.

Concurrently they need to declare all LRC “chefs de terre” who remain in Ambazonia personae non grata, giving them the opportunity to decamp voluntarily.

IG Announces Five days of prayer and fasting LOCKDOWN

Laser-focused Secretary of State for Defence, Rev. C. Asong, has outlined a five-day schedule of prayer and fasting in the run up to LRC’s traditional 20th May celebration in Ambazonia.

That date marks the end of the Federation of West Cameroon and French Cameroon in a referendum which the terms of the federation strictly forbade. The illegal referendum took place in 1972 when the Federal Republic of Cameroon became the United Republic.  As if that was not enough LRC’s president in 1982 then renamed the United Republic to the pre-federation name of French Cameroon – La Republique du Cameroon, down away with any reference to the Southern Cameroons state which had become West Cameroon in the federation.

Apart from the name change LRC’s government headed today by the same individual who changed the name, then embarked on routine ritual humiliation to nudge the people of Southern Cameroons to francophonize.

All in all, 20th May is not a day to celebrate in Southern Cameroons and the IG, the Interim Government of Ambazonia, has resolved to stop La Republique du Cameroon from busing in rent-a-crowds from French Cameroon to make believe that  Ambazonians march in celebration.

From 16th May 2022 to 20th May 2022 Ambazonians will abstain from the build up and instead pray and fast in contemplation and to consolidate their dignity and restored state. 

The vast majority of Ambazonians already shun these annual charades but LRC is had at work trying to tempt vulnerable people to supplement the rent-a-crowds of French Camerounians. The IG is warning all Ambazonians that our self-defence forces will be disuading those LRC efforts  during the five days outlined.

Ambazonia’s prayer and fasting will also ensure that we are unmoved by the reported activities of LRC’s hired charlatans who have been making incantations on our land in a vain attempt to turn the tide of their genocidal war on Ambazonia.

The most high God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.

Who is an enabler?

With the contrasting comments on the ADF’s arrest of Sen. Mundi it is perhaps high time it was clear who is an enabler.

If we assume that anyone in that category needs to be Ambazonian by birth, then we can take it for granted that other LRC officials such as governors and other so-called “chefs de terre” do not need to be included as they are already opponents by virtue of their “jobs” of enforcement of LRC’s control.

All who have joined LRC’s parliament or government who regularly describe our struggle as terrorism or misguided small groups are easy to distinguish. They would include the likes of Fru Ndi who recently proposed that LRC’s parliament should pass laws to deport diaspora leaders of the struggle. He has enjoyed a dubious protection and quasi immunity which sits at odds with “his party’s” continued complicity in validating LRC’s hegemony over Ambazonia. Sitting on the fence is not good enough especially when he occasionally jumps down on the other side as he did in his aforementioned brainstorm on deportations.

The mayors or councillors and any others who wear LRC’s flag sashes are also enabling LRC’s hegemony no matter whether they are our school mates. The struggle will only drag on and is, in fact, dragging on because of our failure to accept the enablers as losses. Such people need to choose and they cannot choose to “wait and see” while posing in LRC’s flag.

We also need to face reality at some point and insist that traditional authorities who allow themselves to be paraded by LRC’s propaganda machines or exceed their authority by claiming to represent their subjects while safely stowed in LRC’s as their villages are burnt by LRC’s militias cannot be given the benefit of the doubt.

Those who are not…

Since the consensus that education was essential and could not be actively inhibited, it would be worth making it clear that lay teachers who do not fall under other categories of enablers should be protected until we are in a position to run our education system.

Mundi arrest highlights Ambazonia’s room for growth

When AgovC announced that its armed wing had “Senator” Mundi in custody there were mixed reactions.

On the one hand many celebrated the ADF for initiating the much-talked-about crack down on “enablers”. An appointed Senator is the very definition of an enabler, having the sole role of making-believe that LRC is in charge in Ambazonia.  Having not been “voted” in in banned and boycotted “elections” such enablers could not say they’re shocked if they are arrested by the restoration forces.

On the other hand, there was also a sizable minority calling for the release of “ours” and the arrest, instead, of “real LRC” agents such as governors and other officials. These officials certainly do present higher tariff targets, no denying. But the argument that appointed senators and other, let’s face it, collaborators are “ours” you must be spared is a whole level below naivety.

Apart from the difficulty in justifying the tag of ours for Sen. Mundi while having to put up with militias firing live rounds into school traffic in Ambazonia we have to look for their achievements in “representing” “us” in LRC’s parliament. And there are non. All they do is get themselves 4×4 with drivers to help them dodge pot holes better than their long suffering “constituents”. There is no way they are ours.

Our history starts with our elected representatives withdrawing from the assembly in Eastern Nigeria when they could not accept the status. That was how our democracy started. Note that it lasted a relatively short time but had more transparently elected governments than LRC has had in six decades.

If we stand for our independence there is no way we could be tolerating anyone who takes part and enables LRC occupation activities. Nobody who dons LRC’s flag sashes and prances provocatively around our land can be labelled “ours” by any of “us”. They’re not! They are not suffering the home burnings or sheltering in the bushes. How are they “ours” while they rake in cash and try to get our poor citizens out to pose as protesters against us?

They must choose, and they have. “They” are not more important than baby Martha

The ADF should hold a proper trial and, if convicted, enablers must serve their sentences.