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President Marianta Njomia is on course with Action and Accountability. Building Bridges is launched to promote Ground Zero collaboration.

We are seeing an uptick in engagement. Ambazonia now needs sustainable commitment and foresight. This is where your subscription will ensure planning and sustainable action to provide the confidence our people need to shake off La Republique du Cameroun and start to enjoy their freedom and dignity.

Over to you! Honour the flag and support our heroes! Your nation needs you!

President Praises FM NoPity, condemns latest war crimes by LRC

Marianta Njomia has issued an address to praise the recent exploits of FM No Pity in a recent mission. No Pity’s exploits show the development of Ambazonian capacity and demonstrate how LRC militias are no longer the lords and masters they used to be in Ambazonia.

Tugging on one more of her themes, president Njomia lauded No Pity’s wisdom in coming to the rescue of civilians who were had been detained by rogue elements. This is an example of the collaboration that is needed between the Restoration Forces and civilians. We need our civilians to be able to distinguish our forces from those of LRC whose main impact is to harass and impede. By contrast, Restoration Forces need to protect and facilitate the lives of our citizens.

The president encouraged collaboration among all Restoration forces and promised to discourage any counter-productive in-fighting.

Contrasting No Pity’s attack on LRC’s military targets the president condemned the razing of Mamfe Hospital by increasingly desperate LRC military occupiers. She called on international organizations to take LRC to task in the face of continuous and recurring war crimes.

In conclusion the president sent her words of comfort to the victims in the Mamfe Hospital arson and promised the liberation is nearer.

LRC propagandist denounces own “disproportionate” act in another massacre

This letter was released by Capt. Atonfack.

The genocide in Ambazonia took a slight turn as LRC’s chief propagandist appeared to condemn their militias’ latest massacre. The letter speaks to the logic that LRC should recall her militias from Southern Cameroons as they fear even children. There is no longer any pretention that Southern Cameroonians are “citizens” being “protected”.

Our first instinct was to suspect the authenticity of the communiqué until Hon. Tibor Nagy tweeted a comment on the “unusual admission of guilt”.

Mundi “rescue”: Cho Ayaba muddles explanation

Ambazonian fora have been awash with theories about the rescue of Regina Mundi by LRC’s BIR.

More like theory, for they all speculate that the rescue was staged, a ransom having been paid. There are aspects of the drama, no pun intended, which seem to support that theory.

First the rescue battle took place at night and in the midst of all the confusion of a battle no ADF fighters were lost – luckily

Ms Mundi emerged unscathed and looking fitter and better cared for than Ambazonians in LRC cells.  It is fair to guess that ADF has fewer resources to care for prisoners.

ADF, through AgovC, apparently wanted, among others, Sesseku Ayuk Tabe released. That would be a new departure given that AgovC refused to have anything to do with his IG.

Ms Mundi was labelled and treated as an enabler meaning she is an Ambazonian accused of collaboration with the enemy. Yet AgovC proposed and expected to exchange their citizen for others of their citizens with a foreign occupier.

Apparently Ms Mundi was condemned to death before being kept to bargain with.

There are just too many inconsistencies and [lucky] coincidences to discount the prevailing theory among Ambazonians. It could well be a very acute case of inexperience but one thing is now certain. ADF has ground to make to lose the tag they have gained from previous writings of Michel Biem Tong.

Cho Ayaba has magnanimously claimed “responsibility” citing political gains in mitigation. He must be out of touch not to have known the expectations of the sufferers of Ground Zero who expected a measure of revenge for the daily indignities they undergo – and said so in the wake of the drama.

Without further explanation of the “political gains” we have to wonder where they have been made! Is LRC now going to cave to international pressure because they have failed to “handle that episode of the crisis internally”? Paradox. Does the international community now have an incentive to “intervene”? No! International community works on self interest and are more likely to be offering their offices to LRC to talk down future episodes, if indeed any of them took part in this charade.