FMA has taken Ambazonia within sight of the finishing line…

… Ambazonians now need to take possession and “behave free” as we continue to #fee4fire.

When it was still feasible for LRC’s militias to crush the will of Ambazonia

When LRC militias casually burnt homes and grand mothers in Ambazonia

When LRC militias casually issued statement to the effect that they had “neutralised suspected separatists” in Ambazonia

When LRC media routinely referred to Ambazonia as an ” imaginary state they call Ambazonia”

When we still thought marching to the Commonwealth Headquarters would do it for Ambazonia

When Mr Biya thought “declaring war” on Ambazonia was a metaphor…

Field Marshal stepped up

Field Marshal maintained the heat

Field Marshal changed minds until Ambazonia became a normal word

Field Marshal inspired others to step up

That means the departure of Field Marshal from the stage, though very painful, does not threaten the existence of Ambazonia

Now to “behave free”, Ambazonia needs to multiply community schools to and use our own curriculum and qualifications. The exit of Field Marshal cannot be anything but the hand over of the baton to all citizens.

We honour Field Marshal today in our hearts as we wait to honour him appreciately when the occupation ends.

Glory to the heroes who bear our land with their blood.

The Most High God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.

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