Unmask genocide in Ambazonia


The unmask platform is a resource for Ambazonians to start to take our story to third parties. It has been said that Genocide in Amazonia is “the most neglected crisis” on the planet. We have to grudgingly acknowledge that La Republique du Cameroun has managed to marshal her diplomatic capital to minimise the light on her criminal and genocidal war in Ambazonia. Even so we the Ambazonians have to be relatively satisfied with our tenacity given we started from a bank of no diplomatic capital.

What we need to do next, those of us in the diaspora, is to renew our efforts to take this to the constituents of those who have sought to look the other way while La Republique du Cameroun has been burning homes, killing children on their way to school and proudly publishing tales of how their valiant army killed youths in Southern Cameroons just because they were “suspected separatists”. Our neighbours can help us to question and get a change in attitude from those International Partners who have been looking away and waiting.

We must also let them know that our people on the ground have moved on and now enjoy the freedom and dignity of being Ambazonian. Looking away is no longer an option and they must all remember saying “never again” only a quarter of a century ago. Our supporting evidence is the proliferation of Community Schools where our people have voted with their feet to invest in their childrens’ futures separate from La Republique du Cameroun – waiting and looking away are no longer a viable options as a free people are not gong to return to servitude and second-class citizenship.

Ambazonia restoration day 5 years on


On this day in 2017 Ambazonians rose as one, armed with peace plants, to say “Enough is enough!” La Republique du Cameroun laugh in their faces “Vous allez faiire quoi?”

Five years on, La Republique is not laughing and Ambazonia has made notable strides despite many mistakes and stumbles which could be directly attributed to lack of experience and sheer unpreparedness.

If you read this please comment to give your perspective of the progress towards Ambazonian Liberation in the last five years

Statement by Abdul Karim Ali.


This Statement is informed, on the one hand, by the wishes of encouragement flowing from family, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers as well as their desire, on the other hand, to know how I am doing or holding up, in detention.

I was abducted on the afternoon of August 11, 2022, at Ntamulung by the Gendarmerie of La Republique du Cameroun. I was taken to Groupement and then later to Compagnie. I was held in communicado, without permission and space to pray and without food for four days.

The conditions of my abduction are illegal and unjustified. The conditions of detention are unspeakably deplorable. My lawyers have an idea and can indulge you. My focus in this statement is to commune with you.
To my family and well wishers I want you to know that I am firmly planted and standing on your faith, good will towards me and your prayers for me. To everybody else I want you to know that God, in his divine providence, has put me here in Southern Cameroons at this time and place for a specific reason – to serve his people and his purpose.

That purpose is found in his will. His will is to seek truth and justice. Justice in this time and space in Southern Cameroons lies in bringing all parties and stakeholders together, on a dialogue table without pre-conditions, where the root cause of the raging crisis can be identified and sustainable solutions sought for culminating in the peaceful evolution, actualization and realization of the suffering people of Southern Cameroons.
This is my life’s mission and purpose. The advocacy of the inalienable right of every Southern Cameroonian to self-realization. This life mission is divinely ordained. I accept and assume it with all humility. I will live with it. I will live for it. I will suffer for it. I will be in prison for it. I am in jail for it. I will undergo torture for it. I will die for it if need be and if it came to it.

I am now undergoing psychological and physical torture for it. Even so, I do not intend to switch positions with anybody. Every passing second, minute and day I feel the pangs on my flesh and body. Even so, I must tell you that my soul and spirit are strong. The feel the fuel that powers this fortitude coming from all Southern Cameroonians, my well-wishers and the almighty God.
In this faith, and with this faith I will stand strong like the rock of my faith and the inspiration of the forebears of every resistance and struggle.

With this faith, I ask all people of good faith to help me in this journey of truth seeking and peace building. With this faith. I promise to keep up the good fight and to continue putting my family, friends and well-wishers in ‘good trouble’.

This is our appointment with destiny. This is our commitment to posterity. This is the task of the present and the hope of the future.
With this hope, I will keep standing in this contaminated water in my cell or laying down on the bug infested plank of my interrogation cell until the doors of the room open, wherein the round dialogue table stands in the middle, waiting for all stakeholders to come, sit around and seek the truth.

But before you pause to ponder about my inhumane condition, I want you to pause first and ponder the death of all the heroes of Southern Cameroons. I want you to pause and ponder the death of all the young people who are losing their lives everyday in a war that was totally avoidable and still is stoppable, even as I sit in this cell.

I want you to pause and ponder the inhumanity that has been heaped on our brothers and sisters who are languishing in the prisons if LRC simply for articulating an opinion as to their preference of a Homeland where they can self-realize and self-actualize.

When you consider all those who have paid the ultimate prize of freedom, those who are serving undeserved life sentences, those who are sitting in jails like mine uncharged, untried and not knowing what will happen to them on a daily basis, those who are scared stiff of the unpredictability and impunity of the system and those who are on their knees every minute praying for a miracle to end the war in Southern Cameroons, then you can decide for yourself what your own individual sacrifice will be.

To my wife, kids and family I beg that you keep the faith. I know and trust that you will keep trusting in what Allah has in store for us and all our People.
To my compatriots and fellow countrymen, I employ you to hold hands, tighten our ranks, keep our focus on the enemy, never losing focus of the ever tempting, corruptive, disorganizing and disruptive nature of the enemy and remember always and forever that our rendez- vous is at the foot of Mount Fako, in Buea.
To my well-wishers and the international community, I exhort you to bear with us. Please redouble your efforts in holding up the mirror to our friends and relevant stakeholders – a mirror in which the errors of history beginning with colonial greed, through UN Charter miscarriages, to unfulfilled promises and flagrant breaches of constitutional and other international legal instruments, culminating into the acknowledged, albeit failed, attempts to assimilate a people who have lost almost all sense of national and individual worth but who have now risen and now sworn never to be enslaved again in a status quo that denies them their fundamental humanity and dignity. Hold up this mirror so that there is individual national accountability to foster a sense of collective responsibility for the plight of Southern Cameroons whose claim to a UN forgotten prodigal son status cannot be denied, underestimated or ignored any longer.
Hold this mirror of history and let it reflect an international resolve and concrete efforts in pushing the parties – the Government of Cameroun and the diversified tentacles of the Southern Cameroons’ octopus, to the inevitable table of dialogue, mediation and conciliation, reassured by the hope and promise of truth, justice and peace.
I am not asking that you, the international community, do all our heavy lifting for us. The burden and the lifting rests with us. This is our duty. We, Southern Cameroonians, know it, assume it and accept it.
All we ask is that you create an enabling environment for us to stand on, pivot and do the lifting that not only you expect from us but a lifting which history and our posterity requires and expects from us – on ground Zero and everywhere in the Diaspora.

In all I pray and ask for the intercession of the Almighty God who is all knowing, all planning and all merciful. Thank you and stay blessed.

Abdul Karim Ali
Detained at the Gendarmerie Compagnie at Upstation in Bamenda

Why the Federalists are wrong


This post comes a bit out of date and that is ironic because the “arguments” submitted by this sample of federalists is itself … out of date. Who knew!

The Ambazonia Restoration War has switched gear recently to expand on communication. There is a new untenable class called “Federalists” who find themselves promoting, at once the idea that the international community is not going to help while relying on the intervention of the international community in an eventual negotiation for Federation. We recall that La Republique du Cameroun started the war to avoid any idea of federation and actively dissuaded many from even using the very word.

New platforms have led to  the highlight of some of the voices of “pro-federation anglophone figures” in debates and 1-on-1’s.

Whereas their previous highlight was the effort of Cardinal Tumi which culminated in the first established temperature of Anglophone opinion on the conflict, recent outings have come from proponents of Federation.

Speaking on ABS TV in Mar/April 2022, Dr. Munzu described “national negotiations” which would come “after LRC and Separatists come to realise the war is too expensive and unwinnable”. These “national negotiations” remind of the GDN of yore.

Dr Munzu imagined that the Federalists were the middle ground saviours who would provide a happy-median between the antagonists. Though this is a paraphrase it does carry the idea he tried and intended to convey.

The first question which was not posed, and therefore not answered, was the morality of not only waiting in the wings while children got killed in Ambazonia, but actually declaring that they [the federalists] were waiting thus! Anyone who would so calculatingly wait to come in and pick up the pieces could hardly be empathetic enough to solve the problems that invariably arise from such conflicts, even if the antagonists, somehow were to agree to cede their positions to the self-proclaimed “median”!

As “an expert on international workings”, having worked at the UN, Dr Munzi decried the futility of the Ambazonians’ efforts in conducting an armed restoration struggle, “as international law does not allow secession”. Forget Timor L’Est. Forget Somaliland, though they are not recognized yet. The outing reminded very much of the La Republique du Cameroun tactic of wheeling out “experts” to present illogical and untenable arguments. Let’s say if secessions never happened we would not have the examples cited – and the very word would not exist. The more accurate idea is that they do happen in eventual negotiations.

The illogic of Dr. Munzu’s position is the question of why LRC and Ambazonia would go to negotiations, one having objected to their dysfunctional union and the other having violently objected to federation, and that both voluntarily accept federation. So having explained how the international community would not help, the Federalists are now implying that the same international community will basically impose a federation!

The Federalist “upgrade” idea

The most recent effort and a more refined one came from Dr Ben Akih, who introduced himself as an Engineering professor from Syracuse University.

Drawing on his conjunction of political science “training” he emphasised how international law, and national law, forbade separation and rendered the restoration struggle futile…unless it is won in the war! Dismissing the prospect of winning, Dr Akih proceeded to outline a method for forcing “the government of LRC” to change. He actually described it as a way for the people to “defeat the government” lawfully.

On the way to that plan Dr Akih listed and condemned the various violations that French Cameroon had committed since the 1961 reunification:

< begin paraphrase>

  1. It is wrong to celebrate 20th May as a national holiday as it marks a constitutional violation of the federation of West Cameroon and East Cameroon.
  2. The referendum that changed the federation was unconstitutional as it violated articles of the federal Constitution.
  3. The Cameroon government is wrong to be enforcing a unitary state and calling it national unity. These are two different concepts… as, taking the example of the US, the the US is very much united around allegiance to the flag and yet functions as a federation so national unity is not about a unitary state, concepts which the francophone populations confuse.
  4. The manipulator is France, who set up the whole process by helping their collaborators appropriate, against their wishes [so much that East Cam PM Andre Marie Mbida resigned], the unification program/ideas of the UPC before “independence. [ France has a lot to lose as democracy in Cameroon could lead to similar in other French colonies, viz Chad, Mali, Togo …]

<end paraphrase>

Dr Akih missed out the first violation, namely not bothering to bring the treaty of union to either state assembly! That means the Federation did not exist and none of the other violations matter! Nor do any international law theories!

In any case Dr Akih, to his credit, does admit that winning the war would do!

With the lack of union treaty and the fact that LRC became independent in Jan 1960 and was a separate country for more than a year whereas Southern Cameroons was a separate independent [even if just technically] for months while the union treaty was meant to be concluded, international law would be hard pressed to enforce a union that never was as secession would not apply!

Here is Dr Akih’s plan for achieving federation in 2025!

<Begin paraphrase and comments>

 Why 2025? Well, the plan relies on everyone massively registering to vote and the introduction of polling so that “parties” can see from polls that Federation is the most popular option for the electorate! No explanation yet for why francophones, who [falsely] imagine themselves to be the beneficiaries of the unitary state… and are not used to the freedoms of thought that characterise Southern Cameroonians, would prefer federation. Well, the solution is that the margin between competing parties should be less than 20% as the Southern Cameroons electorate accounts for 20% in “the would-be federation” as that would demonstrate to the parties that they need to be federalists… Suspend disbelieve for once, that even in the more democratic countries parties have been known to ignore their manifestos after elections. OR that Elecam is supposed to organise the elections… Or even that all Southern Cameroonians [including Ambazonians] would want to vote in the “massive block”.

So, the LRC government, which Dr Akih says bans polls, will agree to legalise polls in time for 2025 and let Elecam run free elections so that they can lose…after fighting a genocidal war in the last six years! So why not just negotiate and leave out the war part?

Please maintain suspension of disbelief! There is a recourse for “if” it is “clear that the elections have been rigged”… say the Constitutional Council hears pleas and announces a result that “could be proved” to be contrary to the polls [prior polls, yes, those polls that everyone in the polling community always so do not guarantee the results!].

In Cameroons case the polls need to be believed, which we are as we are suspending disbelief so in the event on a rigged election result … “we should go out and fight” for the result in “massive protests”

<End paraphrase and comments>

You couldn’t make it up!

Macron’s state visit to LRC. What does it matter to Ambazonia?

Mr Macron’s visit comes too late in the period of the Ambazonia liberation war. Too late for France, too late for french Cameroun and just too late, period.

What should Ambazonians do?  Nothing! Well, nothing special. In the last six years Ambazonians have regained their dignity and should carry on enjoying it in every way they can. We have persisted with the country Sunday week in week out.  We should “behave free” and remain focused on ending the LRC occupation.

Our errors of the past were good errors. Our founding fathers thought we were joining brothers in good faith and it turned out those brothers were conniving proxies of France to maintain colonies in Africa. We accept that was the founding fathers’ error and we ask ourselves who are we going to be? Are we going to resume our position of helpless victims or persist in our newfound dignity and restore our nation? That is the question every Ambazonian on ground zero must ask themselves. Though life has not got any easier in the last few years it is clear that dignity is back. No longer is “Bamenda” the insult it used to be. We can proudly tell Camerounese that we are from Bamenda.

The arrival of Mr Macron is going to attempt to solve one problem for LRC – the succession.  The “obvious” french mechanism to anoint a son as the “chop-chair”. From our perspective, the chop-chair whose kite had been testing the skies brings nothing to our attention. We have not lost school children, grandmothers, pregnant women young men and villages only to return to second-class citizenship under lazier and more incompetent nobodies! Not even with the support of the French and British behind them! Our lives and livelihoods are not available to be sacrificed to maintain a concept that was constructed by foreign occupiers for their own interests. Without justice, it makes no difference whether Cameroon continues to exist. We would not be losing anything!

Given the foregoing truism, the French may be tempted to engineer the “Anbglophons’ turn”. This would take the form of finding a stooge they would present as the next president of LRC. Of course that would only be a temporary break to try and also kill off the restoration of Ambazonia as, they might calculate, the ARF might be susceptible to suggestions that that is the change that was demanded. To make sure, they could “grant” a federation “of sorts”, then in a few years the francophones would resume their position and proceed with the assimilation. Ambazonians should simply behave free and not be dazzled. It would be hard to explain the last six years of repression on the very word federation only to “grant it”.

This scenario is extremely unlikely given the limited amount of time to construct it, but nothing can be put beyond the French, witness their recent exploits in renewing their proxies in neighbouring Chad! Who could the stooge be? PMM? PAN? JDN?

They might try not to make it too obvious. Choose a francophone and “reform to a federation of sorts”. They would be pressed for time and plausibility in repressing for these years only to “reform”, but that would be under-hand as only the French can do.

Ambazonians should ignore any such offers.

Of note is the idea that the “choice” is unlikely to be Ambazonian but more likely a facilitator from the ranks of the so-called elites. In that case we can trust Ambazonians to see past any appearances and remain resilient and focused on “behaving free”. We must remember how we have been exploited and and abused over the decades and not be tempted just because sardines are dangled!

All of this is mere speculation and supposition given the fact that it is all too late! And the visit is not even confirmed!

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LRC propagandist denounces own “disproportionate” act in another massacre

This letter was released by Capt. Atonfack.

The genocide in Ambazonia took a slight turn as LRC’s chief propagandist appeared to condemn their militias’ latest massacre. The letter speaks to the logic that LRC should recall her militias from Southern Cameroons as they fear even children. There is no longer any pretention that Southern Cameroonians are “citizens” being “protected”.

Our first instinct was to suspect the authenticity of the communiqué until Hon. Tibor Nagy tweeted a comment on the “unusual admission of guilt”.

Mundi “rescue”: Cho Ayaba muddles explanation

Ambazonian fora have been awash with theories about the rescue of Regina Mundi by LRC’s BIR.

More like theory, for they all speculate that the rescue was staged, a ransom having been paid. There are aspects of the drama, no pun intended, which seem to support that theory.

First the rescue battle took place at night and in the midst of all the confusion of a battle no ADF fighters were lost – luckily

Ms Mundi emerged unscathed and looking fitter and better cared for than Ambazonians in LRC cells.  It is fair to guess that ADF has fewer resources to care for prisoners.

ADF, through AgovC, apparently wanted, among others, Sesseku Ayuk Tabe released. That would be a new departure given that AgovC refused to have anything to do with his IG.

Ms Mundi was labelled and treated as an enabler meaning she is an Ambazonian accused of collaboration with the enemy. Yet AgovC proposed and expected to exchange their citizen for others of their citizens with a foreign occupier.

Apparently Ms Mundi was condemned to death before being kept to bargain with.

There are just too many inconsistencies and [lucky] coincidences to discount the prevailing theory among Ambazonians. It could well be a very acute case of inexperience but one thing is now certain. ADF has ground to make to lose the tag they have gained from previous writings of Michel Biem Tong.

Cho Ayaba has magnanimously claimed “responsibility” citing political gains in mitigation. He must be out of touch not to have known the expectations of the sufferers of Ground Zero who expected a measure of revenge for the daily indignities they undergo – and said so in the wake of the drama.

Without further explanation of the “political gains” we have to wonder where they have been made! Is LRC now going to cave to international pressure because they have failed to “handle that episode of the crisis internally”? Paradox. Does the international community now have an incentive to “intervene”? No! International community works on self interest and are more likely to be offering their offices to LRC to talk down future episodes, if indeed any of them took part in this charade.

Who is an enabler?

With the contrasting comments on the ADF’s arrest of Sen. Mundi it is perhaps high time it was clear who is an enabler.

If we assume that anyone in that category needs to be Ambazonian by birth, then we can take it for granted that other LRC officials such as governors and other so-called “chefs de terre” do not need to be included as they are already opponents by virtue of their “jobs” of enforcement of LRC’s control.

All who have joined LRC’s parliament or government who regularly describe our struggle as terrorism or misguided small groups are easy to distinguish. They would include the likes of Fru Ndi who recently proposed that LRC’s parliament should pass laws to deport diaspora leaders of the struggle. He has enjoyed a dubious protection and quasi immunity which sits at odds with “his party’s” continued complicity in validating LRC’s hegemony over Ambazonia. Sitting on the fence is not good enough especially when he occasionally jumps down on the other side as he did in his aforementioned brainstorm on deportations.

The mayors or councillors and any others who wear LRC’s flag sashes are also enabling LRC’s hegemony no matter whether they are our school mates. The struggle will only drag on and is, in fact, dragging on because of our failure to accept the enablers as losses. Such people need to choose and they cannot choose to “wait and see” while posing in LRC’s flag.

We also need to face reality at some point and insist that traditional authorities who allow themselves to be paraded by LRC’s propaganda machines or exceed their authority by claiming to represent their subjects while safely stowed in LRC’s as their villages are burnt by LRC’s militias cannot be given the benefit of the doubt.

Those who are not…

Since the consensus that education was essential and could not be actively inhibited, it would be worth making it clear that lay teachers who do not fall under other categories of enablers should be protected until we are in a position to run our education system.

Action and Accountability Cabinet announced.

The IG has released a seven-department cabinet focused on Action and Accountability. The definitive list will appear on Ambazonia News as soon as we can establish its complete accuracy.

It should be recalled that President Marianta Njomia in her inaugural speech pleged to prioritize GZ and ensure accountability.

It is no secret that the turmoil of the recently removed government has sowed confusion in the LGAs so one of the urgent tasks is the reconstitution and revitalisation of all LGAs to return to the important task of defending our land and people.

Ambazonia News understands that President Marianta Njomia is keen on collaboration as a way of ensuring that all RFs base their rules of engagement on the common objective of restoring Ambazonia.

Initial soundings by Ambazonia News point to an alignment of ideas already as it was noted that many reconstituting groups [LGAs] are basing their modus operandi on “allegiance to the flag first and foremost” as they seek to adapt.

The future is bright.

British parliamentarian calls attention to Ambazonia Genocide

Please read this article by UK parliamentarian Claudia Webbe MP who spoke during the second session of the UNMASK Program Launch a couple of weeks ago.

To connect the dots, UNMASK is an initiative by Ambazonia activists to draw the international community’s attention to the experience of the victims of the war in the Former British Southern Cameroons.

During the launch of UNMASK Claudia Webbe MP spoke eloquently showing a sound and balanced understanding of the background of the conflict.

Kudos to Claudia Webbe MP for following up her attendance and participation with this article. “Thank you” has never felt less adequate.

An international atrocity that is being ignored | Morning Star