Chaos in LRC – Mr Ngute’s plight

As if proof were needed, Atanga Nji was quick to verify that Mr Ngute’s jaunt to West Cameroon was a fool’s errand.
Even before Mr Ngute had finished self-congratulating on his safe return from the dubious trip, Mr Nji was on hand to declare his [Mr Ngute’s] promises untenable. “We will not discuss the form of the state”.
What will happen now? Nothing at all! The government of Cameroun works, that is functions, using the term in the loosest sense, on “high instructions”. This means that the PM, who has been demonstrated to have no powers, is no better than any other minister acting on high instructions! This fact is not a plot to limit the powers of an anglophone PM! Even a francophone PM would still, in practice, endure the same humiliation of seeing his word rubbished by a supposed subordinate minister in “his government”.
This is because of the centralized presidential system in place. The system limits the powers of any PM to the ceremonial chairing of non-binding ministerial meetings and has simply had the function of having an anglophone “head of government” so that nobody could cry marginalization.
Because of that system, Mr Nji was complete accurate in his evaluation. There is no leadership in LRC in practice as no minister, not even the PM, can prove that they have “high instructions” to make any commitments such as Mr Ngute did in West Cameroon. Mr Biya is not well enough to get involved. Yes that is a strange phrase and is the only possible explanation. Mr Ngute was merely sent out to play for time while logic dictates that MR Biya is still expecting to suppress the uprising by force.
With this level of chaos in LRC, Ambazonia would be “walking” it if their leadership was more credible.
The proper committed figures such as ***** and others should step up and contribute. They should be willing to give of their leadership and guidance to galvanize the groundswell of commitment that clearly awaits direction while the previous leaders are in captivity.

LRC PM Dion Ngute completes empty promise tour

dn in swLRC PM Dion Ngute completes empty promise tour

Mr Ngute continued his empty promises in the South West always seeming to invoke the incantation “The President of the Republic…” in every speech he uttered.

Experience, though, teaches that promises of LRC Prime Ministers or other politicians are rarely to be taken seriously as they are understood not to commit their government in anyway.

Additionally to this conventional wisdom, Mr Ngute’s statements to “former Amba Boys” betrayed a certain simplicity which only reinforced this urge to ignore his utterances during this jamboree in the North West and later on the South West. For instance he called on the Amba Boys to accept their “mistake” in taking up arms and seek forgiveness from Mr Biya as he visited purported former Amba Boys in Bamenda. In the South West he judged it appropriate to condescend that Mr Biya, “their father”, would forgive the Amba Boys and that dialogue would be no-holds-barred – apart from secession. As he offered these balms, “his” governments military continued to kill and burn homes in the North West and South West, with the North West governor offering compensation for burnt homes, at one point.

While his condition on secession was not surprising from a LRC prime minister, given previous experience, it is “his” territorial administration minister’s  follow-up statement that raised eye-brows. The latter declared that the dialogue would not be unconditional, but rather that the form of the state would not be under consideration.  This would tally with the theory of  a “mistake” by the Amba Boys in taking arms to fight for change – but only very tenuously.

Mr Nji’s statement reflects Mr Biya’s position even before he declared war and ordered the ongoing killings on the South West and North West villagers, and therefore, as it means no dialogue a more consistent LRC government position.

This shower of cold water for Mr Ngute is not new for LRC’s long list of Anglophone Prime Minsters who never managed, non of them, to hide their subordination to other ministers in “their” governments. The only shock this time is that even for Mr Atanga Nji, it is also the first time that one of those superior-to-the PM minsters is also an Anglophone.

The irony of Mr Ngute’s tour is that the local populace would seem to be more forth-coming in suggesting routes out of the impasse. He is, for instance, reported to have been told in an open audience that the anglophone prisoners needed to be released before any dialogue could be meaningful. The non-surprise is that his reply was that he would submit his findings to Mr Biya “for consideration”.

His report is likely to find itself in the same bin as the reports from previous tours – Musonge, Yang, Ghoghomo…

The tour was not needed for what it is going to achieve.


Mr. Dion Ngute, “PM” of LRC in Bamenda: Fool’s Errand?

Mr Dion Ngute, PM of, LRC, La Republique du Cameroun has been in Bamenda, Suuthern Cameroons for the last three days. In that time he has posed with a peace plant and an ill-fitting local attire clumsily intended to fit in. The outfits and peace plant were not the only incongruities.

Claims to be in dialogue

Mr Ngute tweeted a self-congratulatory message that he had come to continue “on-going” dialogue condescended by the benevolent dictator of LRC. His method was exactly the same as that of his predecessor in the appointed patronage post. He would ignore all the grievances and claim dialogue while meeting the local “elites”. Worthy of note is that the term “elites” refers to collaborators who benefit from the status quo by accepting the largesse of the afore-mentioned dictator in exchange for occasionally posing as pleased populace. In the last three years the “elites” have had to work over-time to continue to support the dictator while their supposed constituents were being murdered and burnt out of home. Mr Ngute claimed the only condition on the claimed dialogue was that the Restoration of Southern Cameroon independence, as demanded by resistance of the Amba Boys, would remain off the table.

Killings Continued during the Visits

There were reports of burning villages near Ndu while Mr Ngute made his claims and photo calls. It was not a surprise as he is following the same methods. LRC sends elites to pose for pictures with paid local civil servants and RDPC beneficiaries while trying to enforce “unity” through force of murder and extreme brutality. Mr Ngute’s tweet carried images of a crowd wearing pro-Biya tee shirts!

Also, in a City under curfew, the “local” women managed to deploy to the vicinity of his hotel with professionally printed placards demanding peace. This is in a city under curfew in a country where all marches have to be “authorised” formally by letters from the “chefs de terre”.

Author of the Suffering Offers Peace

If the foregoing was not odd enough the offer of peace is being dangled by the same dictator who declared war nearly two-years ago and ordered home-burnings and murders of elderly villages. It is unclear how such an offer of peace could be interpreted while his troops are still busy killing and maiming under his orders. Five months ago Mr Biya reiterated his order boasting in a reference to the killings, of “ordering the neutralisation” of the Amba Boys if they did not drop their weapons. Mr Biya is clearly the author and has confessed responsibility for the suffering of the villagers of Southern Cameroons and has “sent” his appointee elite to pose as messenger of peace even while the murders and intimidation continue!

Mr Biya’s Last Rubber Stamp Did not Include Southern Cameroons

Mr Biya, “stood” for re-election under a flawed electoral system which lead to the declared results being disputed by his opponents in LRC. It is worth noting that it is widely accepted that the vote did not take place in Southern Cameroons so Mr Biya is not in a position to pose as the president of those two regions. In any case being a disputed president even in LRC, he is not in a position to guarantee any agreements reached in dialogue, were it properly constituted.

Mr Ngute is proposing to go to the South West Region, the other Southern Cameroons region to bring them the same gifts. The jury is still out as to what the non-elite Southern Cameroonians will make of the peace mission.

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