DDR a no-go Hobson’s Choice


IG president Marianta Njomia has spotlighted La Republique du Cameroun’s misuse of the so-called DDR Centres set up to purportedly “reintegrate” former fighters of the Ambazonian Restoration Forces. Evidence is that the victims of these centres are being coerced to side with the genocidal militias they were moved to volunteer to repel when first joining the ARFs.

Examples abound of disappointed “beneficiaries”, the most infamous of whom General Nambere. It is “obvious” that anyone who is targeted by these paradoxical places would have thought long and hard and concluded not only that they had no future with La Republique du Cameroun, but that they could not silently and passively witness the genocide, that, before becoming active in the ARF. Therefore it should not be an issue because nobody should turn from having resolved to join the ARF to believing that they could benefit in any way from the DDR set up by La Republique du Cameroun while their militias are still burning homes and carrying out what are extra-judicial killings if they are simultaneously peddling the idea of DDR!

Nobody should be that gullible! If they were minded to do what they claim the DDR would do, for the former ARF the war would not have started. The protests would not have started because the “marginalisation” would not have started nor gone on for so long! Failing that, they would have heeded the teachers and lawyers and “reformed” rather than resort to the violence and declaration of war!

Could they declare war and then “help” setup it’s reluctant self-defence victims as they claim DDR would? Then why not leave out the war and just respond to the petitions before the protests began … Why not, if they did not get enough time to respond to the petitions, respond more logically to the protests?

If something is illogical it cannot be true no matter how much anyone hopes or wishes it would be. The fate of many inmates of the DDR should serve as a warning to any ARF fighters.

Having once volunteered to risk it all in self defence of our nation how painful must it be to be so easily and obviously “fooled”?

As Ambazonians we continue to hold our heroes in high respect as they strive “to bear the land with their blood” in the most difficult circumstances. Even if they temporarily lose sight we appreciate their least effort and sympathise.

We the Ambazonians must continue to encourage our heroes and make sure we treasure their lives and honour and courage and dignity.

It is patently tough to sustain the effort but our fight is our dignity. It is the dignity of our heroes. It is difficult but there is no choice at this stage. There was no choice even before, and certainly not after joining the ARFs.

The Most High God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.

Ambazonia Liberation God-ordained


The story of Ambazonia is a long sequence of surmounting obstacles in more and more unlikely fashion.
The most recent is the fateful declaration of La Republique du Cameroun’s  (LRC’s) communication minister on the Canadian Led Facilitation Process. Imagine the fudges being concocted with a selection of Ambazonian stakeholders who seemed determined to let things “progress” and “see what happens”. There were dubious participants but somehow “everyone” trusted the process and “everyone” of the Ambazonian stakeholders declared their objective was the same – total and unconditional independence for Ambazonia. Even so, they were all relaxed to ignore the dubious participants and “see what happens”. They were even relaxed in the contradiction of taking part in a process which attempted to call Ambazonia “the North West and South West Regions of the Republic of Cameroon”!

After the Canadian Communique, the “Leaders” of the Ambazonian side issued their communique and set about batting away any doubts, sometimes with simple dismissal of doubters as “people who have not been in the Struggle for the Thirty years that we have”.
It was like literal history repeating itself!
A small cohort of selected “leaders” determined to trust that informal dealings with a “brother state” would “turn out fine” and trusting the goodwill and good intensions of Western countries who at once insist they are neutral to the outcome but nudge the dealings towards an already visibly untenable premise.

The plebiscite of the 11th of February 1961 excluded the option of independence for Southern Cameroons, pushing a vibrant multi-party parliamentary system into a union with a proxy dictatorship run remotely by a “secret” colonial master! At the time there was vibrant debate about the type of union to come with a large cross-section “hoping” for a union of equal separate states verging on a confederation.

The leaders “trusted” the union of “brothers” would work. That was in 1961. This is 2023 … and the “leaders” once again trust in the face of similar doubts.
It did not work out in 1961. Witness is the current war. It is unlikely to work this time either under the same “trust”.
That Canada is in the open on mediation is proof that Southern Cameroons survived the inadequacies, not to say inequities of the plebiscite, hopeless though the situation seemed over the years.

  1. LRC omitted to seal the deal with a treaty – which would have restricted the abilities of the likes of Canada to attempt the mediation they are.
  2. LRC then broke the “understandings” imposed by the Western partners
  3. LRC reduced herself to a failed state unable to command the continued support of international partners when Southern Cameroons woke up again.

During the sixty years Southern Cameroons current position in being up for any form of negotiation was unthinkable but for the series of small negligences and oversteps that kept the friction and discontent and legal righteousness alive. LRC broke “laws” but there would have been zero chance of any meaningful challenge had they not also made the overstretch of attempting to nudge Southern Cameroons into an unnecessarily cruel and exploitative existence. They even saw the need to make the mistake of technically withdrawing from the failed union by reverting to their 1960 name, and therefore international borders and choosing to persist even after realising their mistake! When the protests came, they could have offered to appease before a critical mass assembled and that would have sealed it but a bully is always only ever a bully. They trusted that even their corrupt and incompetent “forces of law and order” could quell the protest using violence. They wanted to be seen to dominate not just win.

Six years later, Ambazonian leaders were edging towards a repeat when LRC shows herself once more to be no match for Ambazonians divine grace and protection. By attempting to rubbish the mediation LRC is giving Ambazonians more time to make the break and establish once and for all that they have no future in any form of association with LRC… the home burnings, the killings of school children, the mass arrests would seem to induce no remorse in LRC’s leaders!
How lucky for Ambazonia that, in that frame of mind, LRC is unable to rally to come to the table when they could have secured relatively favourable terms! They misjudged 60 years ago, six years ago and six weeks ago!
LRC came close to the Mediation thanks to the tenacity of Ambazonians in carrying the fight. Now that their institutions are imploding and only projected to become more dysfunctional, Ambazonia needs to intensify the expulsion while building the collaboration framework to take our Nation in hand imminently.

The Most High God is Watching Over Ambazonia

IG President reminds Ambazonia to shun LRC commemoration as Freedom Day looms

Ambazonia News proposes the text of the president’s audio message. The message marks a step up as it was coordinated with most other Ambazonian stakeholders. Do take the message to heart ..

We the Ambazonians:

” Dear Ambazonians, fellow Southern Cameroonians, my brothers and sisters, my mothers and fathers, distinguished patriots of the Ambazonian liberation struggle, Most respectable Ambazonian Restoration Fighters; 21 gun salut.
I greet you all in the name of our ancestors.
This is the voice of your daughter, sister and mother, President Marianta Njomia of your Interim Government.
I’m addressing you today with regard a historic date in our existence as a people. On the 11th February 1961, our right to self-determination and hence the sovereignty of Ambazonia as a nation was illegally, manipulatively and fraudulently stolen and today our land of origin is being illegally governed by a heartless invader and oppressor, La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) who is ready to go as far as arbitrarily squandering the lives of our loved ones to exterminate Ambazonia and claim ownership of the God given resources of our land of birth.

Shall we sit by and watch another enemy 11th February celebration charade in our territory, in their attempt to tell the world that normalcy has returned to our land while they are still nefariously and viciously undertaking their scorch earth policy, arrests and killings of our people seeking for peace through justice and their right to self-determination?

First it was innocent baby Martha caught in crossfire on her way to school, then later came baby Carol. Who next? Yesterday it was, cry for Justice for the journalist Samuel Wazzizi. Today it’s Martinez Zogo. And tomorrow? We are losing lives and properties by the actions of a regime built on crime, corruption, and cruelty even on her own citizens. A junta regime that has no moral pedigree to fake claims of jurisdiction, hence govern Ambazonia.

After extensive consultations with the cabinet, the county leadership, our Activists, the county defence heads of the Ambazonian National Self-Defence Council – ANSC, the military wing of the independentist movements of the Ambazonian Coalition Team – ACT, the leadership of all the Ambazonian Restoration Fighting forces on the ground in 13 counties through the Ambazonian People Liberation Council (APLC) and through consolidating collaboration for joint actions with the fighting forces of other Ambazonian independentist entities in some counties, in line with the IG Building bridges policy;

Your IG, reiterating that directives for consultation with the freedom fighting forces included feedback on efforts to educate and get the consensus of the civilian population as to why persistent efforts must be made to render Ambazonia ungovernable for the occupier LRC, hereby announces a TWO DAY lockdown starting 00.01 (one minute past midnight) of Friday 10th February to midnight of Saturday 11th February 2023.

Ambazonia will be on lockdown for 2 days. Friday 10th February and Saturday 11th February.

So, Mami and Papa them, my dear Ambazonian brothers and sisters, why is this lockdown important in the prosecution of our liberation?
You would have realized that despite the increased political pressure from the international community and the good political will from nations like Switzerland and now Canada to offer their good offices to intervene in facilitating a process that will address the root causes and end the ongoing conflict between us and LRC, LRC government whilst diplomatically blundering by attempting to chicken out, still engage their baby scouts in killing innocent civilians and destroying properties in Ambazonia.
By this two day lockdown, we are using civil disobedience as a tool of protest and resistance to express the will of the Ambazonian people in clamouring for the total and unconditional independence of Ambazonia.
In recent years we have maintained the expression of the will of the Ambazonian people for freedom by successfully observing Kontri Sundays. Defending our dignity patriotically and selflessly demands that we shun the 11th February and erase any commemorations related to its celebration on our land.
An effective 2 day complete lockdown of the Ambazonian Territory will equate to a total boycott of 11th February celebrations in Ambazonia, hence,
1) We will be debunking LRC’s historical fallacy and the fraud that characterized the fake plebiscite of the 11 of February 1961 when Southern Cameroons Ambazonia’s sovereignty was stolen, hence sensitize the International Community to the effect that Ambazonians reject the outcome of the fraudulent plebiscite of the 11th of February 1961.
2) We will be Denying LRC’s governance over Ambazonia, hence their attempts to project a one Cameroon agenda to the International Community. No, Ambazonia and LRC are two separate nations with two distinct people.
3) We will be denying LRC’s claim of return to normalcy in Ambazonia while they are nefariously killing our people.
4) We will be attracting the attention of the International Community on the need to increase political pressure and punitive sanctions on LRC to address the root causes of the conflict sooner than letter.
5) We will be reminding LRC and the International Community that it’s the WILL of the Ambazonian people to govern ourselves and manage the resources in our territory.

Your IG, in arriving at the decision to declare just a two-day lockdown of the Ambazonian territory on Friday the 10th of February AND Saturday the 11th of February 2023, highly considered the need for us to constantly make efforts to render Ambazonian ungovernable for the enemy LRC without inflicting further unnecessary prolonged pain and suffering on our own people.

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, Ma Mammy and Papa them, on Friday 10th and Saturday the 11th of February, there shall be:
-No participation in any social activity especially match pass organized by the enemy LRC
-No movements to work, school or marketplaces
-No intra or inter county movements will be allowed
-No movements of Taxis, Okadas, transport cars and private cars

Only Health related services like hospitals, Pharmacies, Ambulances, and health related activities of Humanitarian organizations will be allowed to function in our territory during these two days.

Please make provisions and stock up with water, food, and medicines before Friday the 10th of February.

Stay indoors the whole of Friday the 10th, Stay indoors the whole of Saturday the 11th, on Sunday the 12th go about your normal activities and on Monday the 13 of February we resume and respect our normal ghost town.

Our Ambazonian Restoration Fighters from all 13 counties are there to protect you and enforce this two-day lockdown of our territory slated for Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of February.

On behalf of our forefathers and you the never again generation of die hearted patriots, I thank, appreciate and extend 21 gun salute to each and every Ambazonia Restoration Fighter for resisting the enemy and standing tall to defend homeland.

Longest live Ambazonia
Shortest live the Ambazonian Liberation War.

Ambazonia will be governed by Ambazonians!”

As things fall apart in LRC, UN is no longer at ease.


Following the scarcely fathomable slaying of Martinez Zogo, the UN has finally, reportedly, “called on” La Republique du Cameroun “to ensure the conditions prevail for journalists to do the jobs in safety”. Not a moment too soon!

Given that Samuel Wazizi’s abduction and murder went “unnoticed” by the same august body, it must be a truly “grave” situation – to quote CRTV. Either that or it was technically awkward to tackle LRC, Wazizi not being a LRC citizen. Or maybe Ambazonia News was just unaware of the “pressure” the UN applied at the time.

Leaving all the inconsistency aside Ambazonians would be well advised to stay focused on the liberation struggle taking every opportunity to exercise and exert their dignity.

Complementary commitment demands that Ambazonians outside the homeland continue to massively commit materially to support and complement our RFs who daily commit ultimately.

To be explicit, apart from LRC’s communiqués disowning the Canadian Process, it would seem that things are falling apart and there might no longer be a leader at ease in LRC to conduct trustworthy negotiations. It was always a given that Ambazonia would do well to establish the strongest position and in the circumstances it would seem to be narrowing down to one option. Leaders need to take their responsibility and start consolidating the common national position. Urgently

The Most High God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.

IG announces lockdown for 10-11 Feb 2023.


The IG, in consultation with other Ambazonian stakeholders and ground restoration forces, has agreed and announced a lockdown as it is anticipated that La Republique du Cameroun might once again seek to dance on the graves of babies Martha, Caroline and others of our children to show their hegemony.

After a long campaign of dignified resistance it is perhaps no longer necessary to enforce a lockdown as our people get to know what the “celebrations” represent.

This year will once more express our rejection of the failed union and continue to invite La Republique du Cameroun to withdraw her militias from our national territory.

The Most High God is looking out for Ambazonia.

Canada Talks – What Ambazonians should do…or not do


So LRC has shown that they are a divided house but even before that the best that could be construed from evidence and logic is that they would be reluctant talkers. It is a valid and predictable tactic that they would try to disrupt Ambazonian momentum any way they can. This would include dangling the prospect of talks and then withdrawing it in order to provide Ambazonians a potential arena, in which to disagree.

Knowing this, it is really important that non of the Ambazonian stakeholders take on the mantle of defending the mere fact of the pretalks from other Ambazonian stakeholders! What is the gain? Is it still feasible to expect to keep details in a black box and say “trust me, I have more commitment”. No! That is exactly how to peel off the very support and backing that our representatives at any talks need! How can we find any of the weaknesses in the setup without discussion? Did La Republique du Cameroun come this far because of the sole commitment of the more committed? At the very least it is preferable to have broad base of stakeholders chosen by Ambazonians. Without questioning the commitment of any stakeholder, and without prejudice to whether said commitment is questionable, Ambazonia News holds the view that the Ambazonian position is better coming from and reflecting a broad consensus of Ambazonian stakeholders. To achieve that consensus Ambazonians must build bridges and talk frankly and honestly including accepting that they have ground to cover to be prepared for any outcome of the process.

There is no need to blame any potential playing-for-time on anyone but the side playing for time, viz. LRC. Even then, as mentioned earlier, that is one of their tactics and a predictable one at that. Any such time wasting should instead be used to increment Ambazonia gains on the ground through continued complementary commitment.

As LRC has no leadership even if they were minded to talk, it is the most pointless and idea to start analysing their posture, and worse still to try to assign any blame for said posture. Ambazonia has no control over their posture other than by applying the pressure which lead even this limited far! Just as the may hope that Ambazonian momentum would dissipate if they dangle and withdraw Ambazonia must do more to get towards a better negotiation position or “no negotiation” position at best.

It is tough to summon the courage to engage frank collaboration among Ambazonia stakeholders but there is no other choice. The international community will not sort it. Thankfully Ambazonia already has open channels even if they are under utilized.

The Most High God is looking out for Ambazonia.

We the Ambazonians