APP on 10th June 2023…


IG President Marianta Njomia is inviting one and all to the regular APP next weekend.

In line with Accountability and Action, you will be updated on efforts in progress even in this time of talking about talking.

The APP is open to all Ambazonian Independentist stakeholders in line with the IGs Building Bridges protocol. We will succeed together better and faster than individually.

The IG continues to advocate Complementary Commitment to the Diaspora and GZ. The Ambazonian Liberation Struggle will succeed through the joint application of financial, material and time contributions from the diaspora to complement the commitment of the Ambazonian Restoration Forces and GZ civilians to actualize our independence and decolonisation.

Our tiny droplets đź’¦ will make the ocean to flush La Republique du Cameroun off Ambazonia’s neck.

We trust in the Most High God as the Watchman of our nation.

Ambazonia Team ACT – In-coming chair promises more collaboration


Patriot Epassamoto was introduced as the new chair of ACT in the group’s weekly meeting on 3/6/23.  He was introduced by the out-going Chair, Dr Taylor who is going to continue as one of the college of three along side Epassamoto and the soon-to-be designated next chair from MORISC.

For background information ACT is a collaboration group of several Ambazonian Liberation independentist entities which has engaged in a huge amount of capacity building and collaboration notably in the run up to the Swiss process and again in the Canadian pre talks process. Recently ACT has deployed some of that experience in navigating the spate of conference initiatives.

The Chair’s Objectives for the 6 month ahead:

Address of current chair of trio chairs of ACT on Saturday 3rd June 2023. 👇🏽

Patriotic Greetings!

We, the Interim Government (IG) of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia (FRA) will want to share the 4 main intentions of our chairmanship with all seating entities of the Ambazonian Coalition Team (ACT) (Team Ambazonia) for your appraisal, scrutiny, suggestions, consolidation and validation as action plan, so that during the subsequent 6 months it becomes our collective engagement as Team Ambazonia to work towards materializing the adopted action plan.

We will:

1) Work in strict collaboration as trio chairmanship to materialize pending projects that had been adopted by ACT (es USIP, ACT Fireside ….) as well as remain open to work with each independentist entity in ACT to present to this ACT Council, their suggestions or proposals of initiatives that will uphold the institutional strength of ACT and fast track the freedom, independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia.

We will,

2) Foster Inter-ACT member entity collaboration through effective Participation and Promotion of initiatives of ACT member entity that are geared towards fighting THE ENEMY, on the believe that the success of any ACT member entity is success for Ambazonia.
ACT member entities might differ in approach in fighting the enemy. This does not mean we are divided as the International Community would want to put it. Our differences in approach in fighting the enemy should rather be considered an indisputable strength in so long as we are UNITED in our Objective or Purpose of a FREE, INDEPENDENT and SOVEREIGN Ambazonia.

We will,

3) Make concerted effort to CATEGORICALLY REJECT THE LONG-LASTING COLONIAL MENTAL MANIPULATION OF AMBAZONIANS by ensuring that the RIGHT MINDSET is preserved and the APPROPRIATE APPELLATIONS are used in our communication within the Ambazonian community as well as, in our communication when addressing the International Community.

We are where we are today, as an invaded and suppressed people, because the western world has persistently inculcated THEIR ideology of a “dependent-freedom in the name of freedom” through a systematic and voluntary verbal inculcation of words that have manipulatively poised the mindset of our people over the years, to the extent that most of our people turn to forgo their right to total freedom and just feel privileged and satisfied for the “dipendent-freedom” or “half-freedom” package that has been fraudulently offered by the international community.

I’ll therefore be respectfully craving your indulgence to the effect that during these 6 months Chairmanship and hopefully thereafter, we all try as much as possible to use and address ourselves and the International Community with a terminology that fully dignifies who we are as a people and that fully expresses what we as leaders of different Ambazonian independentist entities are mandated to represent per the WILL of our people, without fear or favor and without mincing words.

Going forward, we should consider the need to stick firm to specific appellations that will affirm our stance and erase the decades of mental manipulation of our people.

In the prosecution and management of our liberation struggle, we should therefore rationally, strategically, tactically and persistently ADOPT the use of:

i) INDEPENDENTIST (not just stakeholder): The prime stake in our liberation struggle is the total and unconditional independence of Ambazonia. We must therefore persistently and unapologetically state the precise prime stake that we hold in the prosecution of our liberation, without leaving room for any skepticism.

ii) ENTITY(not group, not movements, not organization): An entity is a BEING, defined by her distinct and independent existence. It would be more appropriate in our communication for our different groupings or movements or organizations to be considered as ENTITIES. We should therefore say “Ambazonian Independentist ENTITIES” henceforth.

iii) PATRIOT(not comrade): A comrade is a colleague or a fellow member of an organization. It defines just the belonging. In fact a Comrade can be an accomplice in orchestrating extortion and Kidnapping, or an ally in facilitating the syphoning of community funds or a proxy in patronizing a private business agenda. A Patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. So the word Patriot defines both a belonging and specifically defines the commitment to sacrifice temporal, economic and intellectual resources SELFLESSLY for the well-being of a People and a Nation. We are therefore Patriots in a liberation struggle because the quest of our plight is attaining a free, independent and sovereign Ambazonia, not comrades mentally manipulated to fight for internal reforms, hence a revolution in the context of a one Cameroon.

iv) LIBERATION STRUGGLE (not revolution): A Revolution is an uprising or insurgency in the context of a one nation, like One Cameroon, aimed at clamoring for internal reforms with the objective of a forcible overthrow of a government.
Conceptually we no more belong to any one Cameroon agenda nor recognize the governance of LRC.
A Liberation struggle on the other hand is an armed rebellion waged by a people to secure FREEDOM from either colonial rule or minority oppression.
We are fighting against Cameroons invasion, oppression and neocolonialism agenda of Ambazonia, hence ours is a LIBERATION STRUGGLE, not a revolution.

v) THE ENEMY LRC, her Allies, Enablers and Proxies (not just The Enemy): Going forward, we should convincingly and unapologetically use the appellation “THE ENEMY” to mean LRC, her Allies, Enablers and Proxies that we are committed to fight against.

vi) Social, Economic and Political FREEDOM (Not just Freedom)
Our quest for total and unconditional independence covers our legitimate claim as a people for the right to SOCIAL Justice, the right to manage our RESOURCES and the right to free association with other independent sovereign states.
We will therefore use and make explicitly clear to any third party that our quest for freedom entails fighting for Social, Economic and Political FREEDOM, as entailed in the UN chatter on the right to EXTERNAL SELF-DETERMINATION of a people, that denotes the legal right of a people to decide their own destiny in the international order.

We will,

4) Work in strict collaboration as trio chairmanship and upon effective and timely consultation with ACT, in BUILDING CONSENSUS FOR ALL-INCLUSIVENESS OF AMBAZONIAN INDEPENDENTIST ENTITIES.
We will be working in line with the ACT constitutional document and based on the premises that I will cherish to share for a better comprehension of our unflinching efforts towards BUILDING CONSENSUS FOR ALL-INCLUSIVENESS OF AMBAZONIAN INDEPENDENTIST ENTITIES.
We will work on the obligatory premise that:
a) We all represent Independentist entities that are fighting THE ENEMY LRC her Allies, Enablers and Proxies Diplomatically or/and in Self-defence or/and in Advocacy;
On the premise that:
b) Each independentist entity boarded in ACT is honestly and effectively engaging in fighting the enemy as declared to ACT or as prescribed by their constitutional document;
On the premise that
c) We should recognize, appreciate and empower the strength that each entity brings to the coalition, ACT;
On the premise that
d) ACT will remain open to and make continuous efforts to ensure all-inclusiveness of any identified Ambazonian Independentist entity that is fighting the enemy.

In summary, during this tenure of chairmanship of ACT, we would cherish to be seen ACTing (note the acronym of ACT!) as patriots of the Ambazonian liberation struggle that are putting efforts to build consensus for all-inclusiveness of the Ambazonia independentist entities without undermining the strength that any independentist entity brings to the coalition.

The rationale is that once a consensus on all-inclusiveness is attained, we can, at any given time, COLLECTIVELY decide on a REPRESENTATIVE BODY from within the coalition, when need arises, without nursing sentiments of exclusion. This will preemptively guarantee that the outcome of any deliberations sustained by a REPRESENTATIVE BODY OF ACT, that will function in strict consultation with all independentist entities within ACT, will be representative of the will of the Ambazonian people and will be Authentic, Binding and Void of spoilers.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share these four main objectives of the IG Chairmanship tenure with you.

I am sharing this presentation in the ACT forum and await your feedback, for adoption, before presenting it officially during our upcoming ACT Fireside.

I will be reaching out to the leadership of all the Ambazonian Independentist Entities in ACT not present in this meeting, including Abdul Karim, to align the working intentions during these 6 months tenure of chairmanship.

I’ll end by extending enormous gratitude to the previous seating ACT Chair Patriot Taylor and previous outgoing ACT Chair Patriot Chebs for their efforts to bring us where we are today. I’ll be counting on their expertise and support and the support of every single Patriot in ACT to accomplish the mission statement that will be agreed upon and asigned to the current trio chair leadership.

Together we will exhale for Ambazonia.

God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia!

Saturday 3rd June 2023

Patriot Epassamoto
ACT Chairman
SOS for Defence of the IG of the FRA

Referendum will be “afterwards”: expert


After the talk and speculation about this subject in recent weeks, it was instructive to attend a presentation by an experienced expert on the subject of a referendum on Sunday 21st May 2023. The presentation was part of the nebulous Southern Cameroons Stakeholder Platform, SCSP’s campaign to promote collaboration for negotiation.

The expert, Henry Atem, for it was he, made a detailed, comprehensive and informative presentation on the mechanics and methods of referenda citing examples from the past.

He distinguished a referendum from a plebiscite or popular consultation, explaining that a referendum would usually rely on the laws of the “state” and be requested by the state, though it could be facilitated by the UN. The international community has never imposed one anywhere before. Furthermore, the international community cannot guarantee the outcome and usually only relies on the will of the belligerents. Plebiscites do not require the state’s laws but still do, in practice, rely on the will and motivation of the belligerents. The conclusion from this segment is that a referendum will not happen in Southern Cameroons unless La Republique du Cameroun requests one from the UN. The question then arises when would LRC be motivated to make such a request?

The next important concept was MHS – Mutually Harmful Stalemate to paraphrase(?). That is a situation where the opposing sides reach a stalemate of mutual hurt where neither can accept/bear their losses. That explains the apparent callousness of the international community as they usually calculate this stage in a conflict before deeming it is worth intervention. The logic is that that is when the belligerents are the most motivated to negotiate meaningfully to end the conflict as they are enduring unbearable losses. The question here is similar. Is the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle at its MHS?

When asked about the impact of the Ambazonian recent focus of referendum talk, Comrade Atem answered that ” The debate on a referendum could harm the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle by ‘consuming its oxygen'”. Though he would not be more explicit Ambazonia News deduced that the point was that a referendum would only happen after Ambazonia moved LRC to the MHS – and that is not by discussing the merits, undoubted though they are, of a referendum but by intensifying the actions that brought the tentative moves out of LRC to the point where talk if a referendum is fashionable.

The second in the sequence of debates is slated for 28/5/23 Ambazonia News understands. Can’t wait.

The Most High God be our Watchman.

President Njomia reviews the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle


IG President Marianta Njomia addressed Ambazonian citizens and other stakeholders on Friday 19th May 2023, considering many of the current issues and ideas in circulation in the Ambazonian sphere.

She commended the resolve and determination of the Ambazonian Restoration Forces and Civilians on Ground zero, calling for the Diaspora to complement those Ground Zero efforts by making their own sacrifices in finance and other resources.

She acknowledged the efforts of many Diaspora Ambazonian stakeholders in sensitizing and discussing possible negotiation routes toward the resolution of the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle, routes which would carry the merit of saving lives. She urged Ambazonian stakeholders to have as wide a view as possible as she cautioned that every route out of the conflict that involved negotiation or other parties would depend on some action or agreement by LRC or her allies. Thus far, no signs have emerged that LRC would volunteer any such actions and, in fact, LRC’s previous limited and shy movements have all been prompted by the pain of the action that the ARF’s have produced.

This logic left only the one option for how Ambazonians should proceed, regardless of whether they hope for dialogue and negotiations or ground victory, as long as they wanted to achieve an independent state of Ambazonia and that is to “massively empower the ARF’s”.

The President pointed out that dialogue with La RĂ©publique du Cameroun has a big obstacle in the knowledge that La RĂ©publique du Cameroun prefers to talk in a perspective of “Anglophone Crisis” where the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle would be considered and treated as an internal conflict, whereas every Ambazonian group aims for Total and Unconditional Independence for Ambazonia. This obstacle dictates that “Action on the ground” has a more urgent role to play to shift LRC away from such a position. In that case, she asked, “Could the Resources being deployed to convene and run conferences to discuss negotiation strategies be more effective deployed on Ground Zero Empowerment?”

Below is a text of the address:

My dear distinguished Ambazonian brothers and sisters,

Patriots of our God ordained Ambazonian Liberation Struggle,

The Ambazonia Restoration Forces and all Ambazonian Liberation Fighters,

The Interim Government Cabinet, County Chairs and LGA Chairs,

Most reputable international socio-political exponents and institutions,

I greet you all in the name of our Ancestors and the Custodians of the Ambazonian Territory.

Tomorrow will be 20th May 2023.

In Ambazonia there may be a few people attempting to persuade our citizens that they should march in commemoration of “unity” between the “neighbouring” people of the Former UN Trust Territory of French Cameroon and we The people of Former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons.

Let me resound this once again that LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN gained her independence on 1st January 1960 from France and acquired an internationally recognised boundary and territory with the name “La République du Cameroun” and membership of the UN.

Map of La RĂ©publique du Cameroun as of 1960 and for all time thereafter.

For over a year after LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN was established, British Southern Cameroons, now Ambazonia, was negotiating her own independence modalities with various international partners and holding a vibrant and informed debate on the territory. There were views expressed on the nature of the Association with La République du Cameroun including a range from “loose federation” verging on a confederation to “reunification”, though both ends of the spectrum remained based on a federation.

History lead to the Federal Republic of Cameroon in 1961 on the basis of two states of equal status,  the equal status being deliberately safeguarded due to the known imbalance in terms of demography and geography of the two states.

Map of The Federal republic of Cameroon

A succession of subsequent acts, which have since been established to be illegal, were perpetuated by the East Cameroon dominated government and eventually resulted in La Republic du Cameroun being reasserted in 1984. The rights or wrongs of those acts notwithstanding, the effect was to revive the two pre-plebiscite states. Recall that La RĂ©publique du Cameroun was a recognised UN member with a defined territory and international borders.  This revival of La Republique du Cameroun was judged in the Bamenda High Court ruling HCB 28/92 as a secession from the “Union” whose effect was to reassert the sovereignty and territory of British Southern Cameroons, called Ambazonia. The legal inference and written article of the judgement included the conclusion that La Republique was illegally and forcibly occupying Southern Cameroons. To date that rulling and all its conclusions have not been called into question or challenged.

LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN’s military and administrative presence in Ambazonia has therefore been an illegal INVASION since 1961.

The discussion on this legal background explains why the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle can not be solved unilaterally within La RĂ©publique du Cameroun. 

We Thank the all Ambazonian Restoration Forces and fighters, members of civil society and all civilians on ground zero for their resilience over the past seven years and beyond. 

My mami and my papa them, I salute wona all. I thank wona for wona perseverance and tie heart for this time wey LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN di burn wona houses them, kill weer pickin them. Wona don show them say Ambazonia na we own country wey we go do weti wey ee correct for we and we pickin them. I di thank all for how wey  wona don respect this first day for lockdown this 20th May

As LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN prepare to rub our noses in it again on 20th May we continue to shun and reject this grotesque charade. Dancing on graves has never been more literal!

Our outrage and grief are huge and well known even if we limit our view to the current round of crises.

We, all the Ambazonians need to own the sovereignty that HCB28/92 established in the restoration of our statehood. Yes, we own the right to our existence, inheritance, and destiny; The right to our external self-determination as a people.

While the best peace through justice solution to the Struggle would be a negotiated political settlement with LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN, we must be clear that it is no longer possible to address the root causes, never mind solve it unilaterally within LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.  It is understood that LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN still hangs on to the hope that the Struggle is an “Anglophone Crisis” and that explains their inconsistent diplomacy in flip-flopping on negotiations and burning bridges on at least the lst two attempts by international partners, viz Switzerland and Canada.

LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN is an external state as per the 1st January 1960 borders and territory and therefore does not dispose of the sovereignty to “grant” a “special status” or “administer” any part of Ambazonia without the consent of us, the people of Ambazonia, who hereby notify the international community and the UN that our consent has been actively withdrawn through our people’s resolute observance of abstention from LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN control through the seven years + of  regular Monday ghost towns -“country Sundays” throughout the Ambazonian territory and other spontaneous instances, to withdraw our consent variously for “11th February” and “20th May” celebrations on our streets or anywhere on our territory.

We have further resolved to assert our dignity and sovereignty through our own community schools and education and call on the international community to help our citizens to activate their decolonisation and self-determination by running our own education system to ensure the development of our children and future generations, without the control of LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.

“To you the people of Ambazonia”

As a peace-loving people we look forward to a future where we are able to co-exists as neighbours in our two distinct sovereign states of Ambazonia and LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN, with the acceptance that we do not have to be in the same state be it unitary or federal. We are very confident that our people would overwhelmingly choose to chart our own path if the international community would seek our sovereign voice, the WILL of the Ambazonian people, in a vote, say in a future referendum. We believe that such a vote could save a lot of lives and livelihoods but we have proved that we are not just relying on the legal righteousness of our cause but will keep mobilizing our people to exercise our right to self-defence. We firmly hold the moral high ground.

Our forefathers had good faith and sought to live with a “brother” people. They were not mistaken, as we have established that there was informed debate about how the “Federation” would play out, nor, therefore, were they unaware! It was the “brothers” duplicity that crashed the federation and left the relationship in ruins.

Even so, having learnt from the errors of the past, we propose to take our destiny and future into our own hands with new hope and excitement at forging our own future, drawing the benefits of our own effort and mitigating the pitfalls of our mistakes.

In either case, our growth is our prerogative.

To the diaspora…

It is clear that LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN is not seeking to negotiate anytime soon, as it is clear that they would have to first accept us a separate legal state due to their own secession in 1984 as per HCB 28/92. Regardless of our good intentions in seeking a negotiation we must be realistic that a negotiation is very unlikely in the present circumstances as LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN would have to own up and negotiate from a 1960-61 perspective, when we were separate international entities.

We commend the new found urge to hold conferences and we urge our compatriots of fellow stakeholders to have a wider outlook in all their deliberations in these conferences. Better still we should think long and hard about the resources we are deploying to organise and run these multiple conferences with redundant subjects and consider how much more effective they would be if deployed on the ground.

When it comes to LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN we all know that their track record means they have nothing to offer our people except marginalisation, corruption, and bleak future with no prospect of socio-economic progression.

We must retain our openness to a sensible peace through justice solution to end the war with a sovereign Ambazonia, but we must be aware that we need a strong position and that this position could be made even stronger and better, but it is not as bad as some would make-believe in the mistaken and futile effort to lure us back to servitude in a corrupt LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN. Our people are the ones who need to live those lives!

Our position is certainly not so bad that we would revert to the erstwhile posture of second-class citizens.

We must commend our effort and resolve in the last 7 years as they have lead to LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN tentatively consenting to steps to solve the Struggle through dialogue and negotiation. First they tried the Swiss process even though they were not convinced our cohesion would hold, hoping instead that the talk of dialogue would divert our attention from the ground action and dissipate the momentum of our RF’s and civilians. That did not work out for them as they continued to suffer and feel the pain of our efforts.

They tried terminating the Swiss process, probably after concluding that the effect of it was rather to maintain some level of communication and collaboration among our various groups and show up their [LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN’s] unreliability as a diplomatic partner.

They then tried one last bid in the Canadian Pre-talks, this time sending actual representatives who only managed to betray their expectation and hope that our cohesion would not hold.

Ironically, we benefitted from a combination of the COHESION of our participating stakeholders in Canada AND the CONSISTENCY of both those participating stakeholders and more distant stakeholders as both continued to make the single and simply point that they were focused on the Total and Unconditional Independence of Ambazonia. The attempted divide and rule had once again only demonstrated the collective, even if separate resolve of our diverse Independentist Groups. Our Ambazonian Liberation Struggle proved itself, once again to be God-ordained!

When LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN gave up again frustration, this time setting fire to diplomatic bridges in public, a wider range of international partners must have realised that their route to solving the conflict and security in the Gulf of Guinea lies in relying on the Ambazonian side. To be fair to LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN, they have been clear throughout that they preferred any dialogue to be an extension of their infamous “Grand National Dialogue”, or more simply, that the Ambazonia Liberation Struggle should be cast as an internal crisis within LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.

In all these aborted attempts it is important to realise we cannot overstate the importance of the resilience and firm resolve of our ARFs and civilians as they continued to hold the fort where it mattered the most. We keep saying 21 gun salute until it sounds cliched but we must take this opportunity to underline, if they did not know it, that they are literally bearing our homeland with their blood and determination. We must find a way to say more than 21 gun salute. Maybe that way is to stop saying and do with our complementary commitment – make our financial commitment more reliable so that we can complement this colossal effort of our RFs and civilians in the face of LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN military’s intimidation.

We should now consider why, apart from the option of review of the failed UN decolonisation process of the Southern Cameroons, 3 most significant options through which the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle would end in our favour.

1. LITIGATION: We could win a case in the international court of justice – on the basis of the various and numerous breaches by LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN since our fore-fathers took the leap of faith to throw in their lot with LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.

2. REFERENDUM: We could win a referendum – the international community could supervise a referendum, which we are confident we would win. This option would appear to be much-talked about as international partners continue to make up their minds on the evidence of LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN’s behaviour in the diplomatic arena.

3. RESISTANCE non-stop: We could intensify our effort on the ground and compel LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN to admit defeat and withdraw (hence self-decolonisation) or agree to either the LITIGATION or REFERENDUM options.

The resistance option, unlike the litigation and referendum options, depends solely on us and is an indispensable catalyst to the Arbitration and Referendum options

The IG there recognizes all three potential options but reiterates the DUAL strength of the Resistance option, as both a solution option to end the war and an indispensable catalyst for adoption of the other two options – Litigation and Referendum.

The IG will prioritize on RESISTANCE as the most determinant solution option per our FUND-FIGHT-FREE vision rather than over preaching on solution options that might rather delay our journey to Buea or nurse false hopes that the war has come to an end, hence detailing our commitment to be CONSISTRENTLY resourceful towards sustaining the RESISTANCE until external self-determination is attained.

We have a very small extra step to take, but time is of the essence, and we must take it.

It is our duty to empower our RFs and civilians to actualise our dignity and sovereignty by decolonising not only education as they are through Community Education and other sectors but increase our economic independence by abstaining from LA RÉPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN control in many more ways.

International partners must be clear that we are ready to go for it alone.

The Most High God be The Watchman of Ambazonia

Short live the Ambazonian Liberation War

Long live the Interim Government

Longest live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia

Referendum depends on intensified ground action – Marianta Njomia


IG President Marianta Njomia has called on all Ambazonian Independentists to collaborate to intensify action on GZ as the only way forward, even for the newly popular idea of a referendum to resolve the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle.

Speaking at the launch of an event to promote Ambazonian citizens’ dignity against the La Republique du Cameroun 20th May celebrations, she welcomed the communication per se between various Ambazonian stakeholders as a great starting point but cautioned that referendum or negotiation depended on La Republique du Cameroun “agreeing” and that the only way they could be induced to agree to either was through the “maintenance of heat” on the ground. Other speakers on the occasion agreed, stating the could not bear to imagine the lot of Ambazonian citizens if the leaders took their eye off the ball to seek to fulfill the “advice” of ” international partners”.

Ambazonian collaboration…the paradoxes.


For a long time Ambazonia News has advocated collaboration as the way to speed up the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle. That is still true but it now seems a few questions would not be amiss.

It has come to the attention of Amazonia News that the Canadian Pre-talks Facilitation, and before that, the Swiss Process, has succumbed to La Republique du Cameroun’s preference to “solve” the Amazonian Liberation Struggle through the implementation of their “GDN resolutions”.

AAAC1 Aarschot 2023 towards collaboration

In conjunction with La Republique du Cameroun’s announcement dismissing Canada as would-be mediators the forgoing preference would militate against the current clamour for “collaboration” in the Ambazonian stakeholders ranks, especially with the avowed objective of “preparing for negotiation” or a “referendum”. Neither of these are about to happen given La Republique du Cameroun’s stance and maybe the stakeholders doing the rounds to promote conferences should expound on their logic and apparent optimism. Are there any secret signs that the suspected distraction, not to say misuse of resources, of such conferences would suddenly bring La Republique to the table? At Ambazonia News we suspect a little stroking by the International Community has proved enough flattery for some Ambazonian leaders. We would be first to admit to being mistaken but logic points nothing else.

Now the questions to address:

Who is the collaboration for?

What is the collaboration for?

Who wants or benefits from collaboration?

Do we know what collaboration is?

Ambazonia News cannot presume to answer the question? These, and many other questions, must be pondered by stakeholders as a way to refine the process and to ensure it works for the purpose and is adapted and adaptable to dribble some of the fringe.

The fringe would be the “unionist” “Ambazonian”. A paradox if ever one existed. Some well-meaning and valid stakeholders have “explained” that the stalled Canadian process involved a “commitment to bring in all Ambazonians including, unionists, federalists and independentists”, Ambazonia News extrapolates, “to prove to the international community how inclusive our Liberation Struggle is”. For the purpose of avoiding blame, Ambazonia News is not naming any of the stakeholders who seek to promote that level of “inclusiveness”. Ambazonia News does not see any malice in those pronouncements but rather a certain naive fall to the simple flattery if being addressed by the international community. Instead Ambazonia News simply calls on all stakeholders to consider the role of the “unionist fringe” that would be invited to “contribute” to the “All Ambazonian Conference” for Ambazonia News fears they would be defending, not to say promoting, La Republique du Cameroun’s position as they (LRC) might, say in a negotiation.

That would leave Ambazonian stakeholders “negotiating” even before LRC has agreed to negotiate and possibly making concessions to LRC in their absence! Given that LRC has distanced themselves from any negotiation process should Ambazonia be “negotiating” and entertaining people we might call “enablers and blacklegs”? Do we need to desperately “prove” our “inclusiveness”? Is that how we got to a state where LRC deemed necessary to tentatively come to the table? Do we actually think that?

Ambazonia News is of the view that that came about as a result of the hostility LRC faced rather than the international community realising our “inclusiveness”.

Are “unionists” “Ambazonian”? No. In a sense this is a non-issue as it would be really odd and incongruous for anyone who professes “unionism” to figure in an All-Ambazonian Conference. The bigger deal is that this clamour is yet another potential distraction that could lessen the momentum of the Liberation Struggle, to the advantage of LRC. Of course there are a number of high profile figures with the dry-eye to unfurl their carpet bags at AAC if we keep pounding the idea of such inclusivity especially if these figures think we are seeking to impress the international partners. Some have been to Swiss … As this op-ed is committed one outing, more on which later, by Dr Munzu, is doing the rounds as if to make the point of this post.

Ambazonia News would not see the “AAC” clamour as the right collaboration for it would not work for Ambazonia, even if it “works” for the “international community”.

Instead the collaboration that would survive and not succumb to illogic of the “inclusive” collaboration would be the collaboration of independentists. It is self evident what makes any stakeholder an independentist. While this might not necessarily “work” for the international community, we should not be so sure that it wouldn’t. Logic says that that is actually what moved the international partners who have so far been moved to break cover and approach LRC even in the timid steps. Those approaches would not have accrued any outcomes had LRC not also experienced the “hostile” environment that a collaboration of independentists would only intensify.

There has also been talk of referendum. Ambazonia News presumes, even understands, that the idea is that the international community would come in and organise such a referendum. Would they (the international community) be able to impose it if LRC refused? Under what conditions would such a referendum be “imposable”? Would an “inclusive” Ambazonian Conference including the fringes induce LRC to yield? Would it persuade the international community to impose a referendum – and impose it if need be? Have they shown any prior willingness to put themselves out to bat for Ambazonia without the discomfort of LRC?

Ambazonia News invites all our groups to consider these questions before they are carry away with the nudges of the international community who may be utterly ambivalent when it comes to the outcome. In fact their implication will often be on condition of neutrality and that belies any belief that the international community is about to come to Ambazonia’s rescue.

Ambazonia News will continue to rely on the Watchman of Nation who has navigated the most improbable tight corners on our behalf even when our own mistakes have threatened. He will guide collaboration when we the time is right and who knows? Maybe this is the time and the clamour to “prepare for negotiation or a referendum” will lead to the real logical collaboration “by mistake”!

All-Ambazonia Activists’ Conference Resolutions


Ambazonian Activists gathered in Belgium, resolved to foster collaboration among Ambazonian Independentists in particular and stakeholders in general, all aimed at achieving a swift attainment of independence for Ambazonia. This was done on April 29th 2023 in Aarschot near Brussels. The previous day the Activists had petitioned international partners such as the EU on behalf of Ambazonia.

In an apt demonstration they showed, using a sketch, how communication could help progress the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle and wrest the information war from the grasp of the enemy.

They scored high immediately on the objective of fostering collaboration by not only attracting the attendance of several movements but getting them to share face to face contact, table, food and drink and a dance.

The Ambazonian Liberation is God-ordained.

Read the resolutions here:

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Read or download the policy document from

IG President Marianta Njomia has reiterated her popular and successful policy on the prosecution of the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle. It outlines a simple ratio for distributing funds raised by Ambazonian citizens and ensures that Action occurs proportional to the resources while seeking to support our refugees, prisoners and so-called internally displaced victims using a fixed proportion of resources.

The proportion of resources assigned to IG officials or any other diasporan leader of the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle is 0%. The rationale is that we of the diaspora must sacrifice materially and financially to complement the higher sacrifice of the Restoration Forces and the civilians on the ground.

Celebrate or dread … the advent of Ambazonian collaboration?


The recent buzz, not to say dernier cri is the feverish preparation of various incarnations of an “All Ambazonian Conference” AAC. It would appear that the confusion that would have arisen from calling such a gathering “AAC” had not initially been apparent to the various “convenors”. The subject of convenors is big in itself, but more later, time permitting.

A little before this became really big and the thing, Ambazonia News discussed the concept of the All Ambazonia bit of the conference, raising questions on who the participants should be and why/how it could impact the conference and the larger Liberation struggle.

On the subject of Collaboration, which would clearly accrue from a conference of this sort, Ambazonia News has always advocated and once sketched the various combinations of collaboration that could foster and expedite the Liberation struggle. These reminders should be borne in mind when the next few questions and analysis/suggestions are considered. We must bear in mind also that nothing is linear in terms of cause and effect maybe apart, almost uniquely from the idea that if the Liberation Struggle loses momentum then LRC does not need to negotiate no matter how well attended and united an All Ambazonian Conference presents.

Ambazonian News Celebrates Collaboration … but

At Ambazonia News, having extolled collaboration, it would be odd to suddenly object. Collaboration will ensure that Ambazonia wins on the ground more quickly regardless of the machinations of international partners. This winning collaboration is in ensuring that all our restoration forces act in a coordinated fashion and back each other up at all times, regardless of what political faction backs them. As per a previous post by Ambazonia News, this collaboration should be through the local autonomy of the forces in realising that their literal survival relies on the support and trust of all their neighbouring restoration forces. They should be able to trust that LRC forces will not cross Ambazonian counties unchallenged to surprise any other Ambazonian county. At the very least there should be no surprises when it comes to the movements and locations of LRC militias in Ambazonia and so no restoration forces should be surprise victims of any LRC ambushes.

At this moment, the movement on organising political conferences needs to have zero influence on the ground collaboration which should always remain on the “life-and-death-trust” level sketched here as in previous posts.
Ambazonia News would celebrate and promote any “AAC” which enhances the ground collaboration thus. The danger Ambazonia News would watch for is the “AAC for negotiation”.

This is where many “leaders” are deliberately posturing to be in the limelight for the sole purpose of being at a negotiating table with LRC. At best, this would be a pipe dream as LRC has formally dismissed any intention to attend any negotiations and cannot be made so to do by any international partners no matter how well-meaning. They may apply some sanctions or organise mentoring sessions with some Ambazonian stakeholders but those have no benefit in terms of progress towards Ambazonian Independence even if the flattery is irresistible! Those international partner mentors will melt into the ether if the momentum of the Liberation Struggle dissipates as LRC hopes.

The only good thing that mentoring and facilitation from international partners could/should be that the beneficiaries are so used to the flattery and so enjoy it that they realise why they are getting it … at least in part. This attention and flattery is due to the resilience and persistence of the ground forces, hence the assurance of this new importance status with the international partners relies on maintaining/improving ground success! That should be the virtuous circle.
The risk is that the international partners create a sandbox for the Ambazonian political leaders where the latter can “safely” indulge in grandiose posturing while neglecting the ground to LRC’s benefit – ultimately leading to a situation where LRC, having already dismissed negotiations does not feel compelled. Ambazonia News posted previously quoting certain leaders declaring that LRC would be dragged to the negotiation table. Our hope at Ambazonia News is that some of those leaders do not see the sandbox they are in as a start of negotiations – LRC has dismissed negotiations AND the international community does not have the Ambazonian interests at heart and nor should they! What is their interest in Ambazonia? What is the mutuality?
And what about the projected and already unfolding chaos in LRC? Wont it benefit Ambazonia? If and only if the there is the level of collaboration between the RF sketched above -and more! BUW have already been calling for other county RF to “draw” some of the LRC fire much along the lines of the collaboration sketched here!

The convenors who are they?

The Convenors should be the main players and beneficiaries of the Conference. They should be the people of Ambazonia exactly like it should have been the people of The Former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons who voted in 1961, having decided whether independence was or was not for them at the time. Just like then, a litany of mentors does not know better and while they can be mentors they cannot decide the time or timing, the agenda, the attendance or composition of the “All Ambazonian Conference”. The mentors’ mentoring should only be mentoring and no nudges or pressure to promote any timetable or agenda which could act against Ambazonian interests. The people of Ambazonia should. By definition Ambazonians are independentists. Independentists entities should represent the people who have, over the last seven years chosen independence by voluntarily abstaining from LRC activities, abstained from voting in LRC, started their community education to help them break LRC colonialism.

In conclusion collaboration in political circles can only benefit Ambazonian Independence if it leads to more collaboration among RFs on the ground leading to more victories on the ground. This first outcome would be the logical genesis of a strong negotiating position which need not actually rely on LRC’s choice to attend or not attend. In this scenario the AAC – or whatever they turn out to be called – bring together a coalition of independentists, who while ironing out political differences, still prioritise the Liberation struggle outside any sandbox. Over to our “Leaders” now to judge for themselves whether they are in a sandbox and what they will achieve from a “conference”.

The Most High God remains the Watchman of Ambazonia despite our mistakes. Let us choose the right collaboration. Ground Zero is not a sandbox

DDR a no-go Hobson’s Choice


IG president Marianta Njomia has spotlighted La Republique du Cameroun’s misuse of the so-called DDR Centres set up to purportedly “reintegrate” former fighters of the Ambazonian Restoration Forces. Evidence is that the victims of these centres are being coerced to side with the genocidal militias they were moved to volunteer to repel when first joining the ARFs.

Examples abound of disappointed “beneficiaries”, the most infamous of whom General Nambere. It is “obvious” that anyone who is targeted by these paradoxical places would have thought long and hard and concluded not only that they had no future with La Republique du Cameroun, but that they could not silently and passively witness the genocide, that, before becoming active in the ARF. Therefore it should not be an issue because nobody should turn from having resolved to join the ARF to believing that they could benefit in any way from the DDR set up by La Republique du Cameroun while their militias are still burning homes and carrying out what are extra-judicial killings if they are simultaneously peddling the idea of DDR!

Nobody should be that gullible! If they were minded to do what they claim the DDR would do, for the former ARF the war would not have started. The protests would not have started because the “marginalisation” would not have started nor gone on for so long! Failing that, they would have heeded the teachers and lawyers and “reformed” rather than resort to the violence and declaration of war!

Could they declare war and then “help” setup it’s reluctant self-defence victims as they claim DDR would? Then why not leave out the war and just respond to the petitions before the protests began … Why not, if they did not get enough time to respond to the petitions, respond more logically to the protests?

If something is illogical it cannot be true no matter how much anyone hopes or wishes it would be. The fate of many inmates of the DDR should serve as a warning to any ARF fighters.

Having once volunteered to risk it all in self defence of our nation how painful must it be to be so easily and obviously “fooled”?

As Ambazonians we continue to hold our heroes in high respect as they strive “to bear the land with their blood” in the most difficult circumstances. Even if they temporarily lose sight we appreciate their least effort and sympathise.

We the Ambazonians must continue to encourage our heroes and make sure we treasure their lives and honour and courage and dignity.

It is patently tough to sustain the effort but our fight is our dignity. It is the dignity of our heroes. It is difficult but there is no choice at this stage. There was no choice even before, and certainly not after joining the ARFs.

The Most High God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.