IG unable to confirm the fate of FMA…

Marianta Njomia, the Interim President of Ambazonia has challenged La Republique du Cameroun to publish clearer images to prove what happened to Field Marshal of Ambazonia.

Addressing the reports that the latter had been killed, she disclosed that the IG was still pursuing investigations to establish the facts but that the various account so far obtained did not shed enough light one way or the other.

She called on Ambazonians to pray and fast for Field Marshal “wherever he is” and challenged LRC to publish the images as they have usually done.

Reports have been making the rounds of how BIR attacked FMA’s camp on the night of Tuesday 12 of July. Apart from distant images claimed to be of Field Marshal no details of the attack have been forthcoming, a marked contrast from LRC’s established methods.

The accounts do not even include the usual number of “neutralised followers”. There is more to come on the story of Field Marshal.

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