Who is an enabler?

With the contrasting comments on the ADF’s arrest of Sen. Mundi it is perhaps high time it was clear who is an enabler.

If we assume that anyone in that category needs to be Ambazonian by birth, then we can take it for granted that other LRC officials such as governors and other so-called “chefs de terre” do not need to be included as they are already opponents by virtue of their “jobs” of enforcement of LRC’s control.

All who have joined LRC’s parliament or government who regularly describe our struggle as terrorism or misguided small groups are easy to distinguish. They would include the likes of Fru Ndi who recently proposed that LRC’s parliament should pass laws to deport diaspora leaders of the struggle. He has enjoyed a dubious protection and quasi immunity which sits at odds with “his party’s” continued complicity in validating LRC’s hegemony over Ambazonia. Sitting on the fence is not good enough especially when he occasionally jumps down on the other side as he did in his aforementioned brainstorm on deportations.

The mayors or councillors and any others who wear LRC’s flag sashes are also enabling LRC’s hegemony no matter whether they are our school mates. The struggle will only drag on and is, in fact, dragging on because of our failure to accept the enablers as losses. Such people need to choose and they cannot choose to “wait and see” while posing in LRC’s flag.

We also need to face reality at some point and insist that traditional authorities who allow themselves to be paraded by LRC’s propaganda machines or exceed their authority by claiming to represent their subjects while safely stowed in LRC’s as their villages are burnt by LRC’s militias cannot be given the benefit of the doubt.

Those who are not…

Since the consensus that education was essential and could not be actively inhibited, it would be worth making it clear that lay teachers who do not fall under other categories of enablers should be protected until we are in a position to run our education system.

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