Mundi arrest highlights Ambazonia’s room for growth

When AgovC announced that its armed wing had “Senator” Mundi in custody there were mixed reactions.

On the one hand many celebrated the ADF for initiating the much-talked-about crack down on “enablers”. An appointed Senator is the very definition of an enabler, having the sole role of making-believe that LRC is in charge in Ambazonia.  Having not been “voted” in in banned and boycotted “elections” such enablers could not say they’re shocked if they are arrested by the restoration forces.

On the other hand, there was also a sizable minority calling for the release of “ours” and the arrest, instead, of “real LRC” agents such as governors and other officials. These officials certainly do present higher tariff targets, no denying. But the argument that appointed senators and other, let’s face it, collaborators are “ours” you must be spared is a whole level below naivety.

Apart from the difficulty in justifying the tag of ours for Sen. Mundi while having to put up with militias firing live rounds into school traffic in Ambazonia we have to look for their achievements in “representing” “us” in LRC’s parliament. And there are non. All they do is get themselves 4×4 with drivers to help them dodge pot holes better than their long suffering “constituents”. There is no way they are ours.

Our history starts with our elected representatives withdrawing from the assembly in Eastern Nigeria when they could not accept the status. That was how our democracy started. Note that it lasted a relatively short time but had more transparently elected governments than LRC has had in six decades.

If we stand for our independence there is no way we could be tolerating anyone who takes part and enables LRC occupation activities. Nobody who dons LRC’s flag sashes and prances provocatively around our land can be labelled “ours” by any of “us”. They’re not! They are not suffering the home burnings or sheltering in the bushes. How are they “ours” while they rake in cash and try to get our poor citizens out to pose as protesters against us?

They must choose, and they have. “They” are not more important than baby Martha

The ADF should hold a proper trial and, if convicted, enablers must serve their sentences.

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