Confessions of a LRC arsonist


′′ I’ve seen things that happened in the English-speaking area, I’ve decided to desert and break the silence “, said a Cameroonian soldier in a 18 minute 21 second audio in our possession ….. In these confidences, the deserting young military gives reasons why civilians are regularly targeted by Cameroonian army in Southern Cameroons (Northwest & Southwest): ′′ We arrive in a village because we are told that the enemy is in this village, now we have to talk with the people and generally, they refuse to collaborate for fear of retaliation, so we have to force this population by doing something that will scare them… when a military man has been killed in a village, you have to deratize the village and kill everything including chickens and roosters… civilians have a problem here because of refusing to collaborate, the more you do not collaborate, the more you are killed… the numbers often given regarding the number of civilians killed are not accurate because there are bodies we will never find “, regret the ex-military.

The young soldier confirms the existence in the zone of false separatist groups created by the Yaoundé regime: ′′ When we were on the pitch, I thought it was people who helped us find ambazonians because I was there to fight the ambazonians, but we realized that their ideology was not that of ambazonians who fight for their independence. There are military personnel in these government-formed armed groups just as there are in the ambazonian camp and they are mandated to give intelligence to the military “. ex-military paid tribute to Field Marshall, his ex-weapon comrade today commander of the separatist armed group Red Dragons controlling Lebialem (southwest): ′′ Field Marshall is a great military leader. As far as I know he has 36 sentinels even Paul Biya doesn’t have that many sentinels. To those who say ah Field Marshall, we arrested him, he ran away… every Field Marshall sentinel consists of a lot of men, that means killing a hundred people before reaching him “.

The military also talks about the causes of desertions in the army: ′′ I couldn’t handle getting to a village and being forced to shave it knowing that my family is somewhere. Other Anglophone military deserted to go to the ambazonians. It was the Anglophone crisis that caused mass desertions in the army. It’s true that there were cases of desertions in the Far North because when children were being enlisted in the Multinational Force, many have fled because their comrades were killed because they thought they were going to be fine. Many have fled to go to Chad. But it was this English speaking problem that caused these massive desertions. The military is in English-speaking zone more to protect himself and not all orders of the hierarchy are welcome “.

Michel Biem Tong, web reporter in exile

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