Mr Ngute continues flogging a dead horse in Ambazonia

The last couple of weeks saw the Prime Minister, Head of Government of La Republique du Cameroun Mr Dion Ngute, ignore his shame and embark on a “review tour” of Ambazonia. He first stopped in Buea, where he had audiences, in the image of “his great national dialogue” of 2019, with a mirror. He then headed for Bamenda where he had “a close shave” before facing yet another mirror. In a speech on such an important mission, he appeared to lose he “train of thought” and declare it was time for “independence”.

It was akin to missing, in football parlance, from the goal line given that he was facing a vetted audience.

His luck did not hold any better than it had last time when one of “his ministers” clarified his promises [of a no-taboo dialogue] immediately after he had made them in Bamenda in back in 2019. This time a gendarme manning one of the physical road blocks which seem perversely to illustrate his metaphorical ones shot and killed a school girl in her mother’s car.

Mr Ngute is yet to be heard on the subject of this school child brutally shot in her mothers car on her way to school in Buea.

He has left it just long enough do that any comments will be hollow even to himself!
Where is a child supposed to be safest if not with their mother?
How are Mr Ngute’s ministers going to continue to claim that the militias are there to protect? How will they continue to say “normality” has returned to the Anblophone “regions”?
How will MR Ngute be able to even utter a world about his so-called review of the farcical “National Dialogue” nevermind that it failed to meet his prior promise of “no taboo subjects”! It failed even to include all the “moderate”, read pro-status quo parties and even then, lacked the tactical nouse to table the contentious topics for what would have been “sandboxed” one-sided “discussions”.
Was that an acknowledgemet that they did not even trust their vetted attended to stick to the script?
Where to now for MR Ngute? He is done! A new solution will be to find another “more accaptable anglophone prime minister”!
They may as well go on a unicorn hunt!

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