Canada Talks – What Ambazonians should do…or not do

So LRC has shown that they are a divided house but even before that the best that could be construed from evidence and logic is that they would be reluctant talkers. It is a valid and predictable tactic that they would try to disrupt Ambazonian momentum any way they can. This would include dangling the prospect of talks and then withdrawing it in order to provide Ambazonians a potential arena, in which to disagree.

Knowing this, it is really important that non of the Ambazonian stakeholders take on the mantle of defending the mere fact of the pretalks from other Ambazonian stakeholders! What is the gain? Is it still feasible to expect to keep details in a black box and say “trust me, I have more commitment”. No! That is exactly how to peel off the very support and backing that our representatives at any talks need! How can we find any of the weaknesses in the setup without discussion? Did La Republique du Cameroun come this far because of the sole commitment of the more committed? At the very least it is preferable to have broad base of stakeholders chosen by Ambazonians. Without questioning the commitment of any stakeholder, and without prejudice to whether said commitment is questionable, Ambazonia News holds the view that the Ambazonian position is better coming from and reflecting a broad consensus of Ambazonian stakeholders. To achieve that consensus Ambazonians must build bridges and talk frankly and honestly including accepting that they have ground to cover to be prepared for any outcome of the process.

There is no need to blame any potential playing-for-time on anyone but the side playing for time, viz. LRC. Even then, as mentioned earlier, that is one of their tactics and a predictable one at that. Any such time wasting should instead be used to increment Ambazonia gains on the ground through continued complementary commitment.

As LRC has no leadership even if they were minded to talk, it is the most pointless and idea to start analysing their posture, and worse still to try to assign any blame for said posture. Ambazonia has no control over their posture other than by applying the pressure which lead even this limited far! Just as the may hope that Ambazonian momentum would dissipate if they dangle and withdraw Ambazonia must do more to get towards a better negotiation position or “no negotiation” position at best.

It is tough to summon the courage to engage frank collaboration among Ambazonia stakeholders but there is no other choice. The international community will not sort it. Thankfully Ambazonia already has open channels even if they are under utilized.

The Most High God is looking out for Ambazonia.

We the Ambazonians

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