As things fall apart in LRC, UN is no longer at ease.

Following the scarcely fathomable slaying of Martinez Zogo, the UN has finally, reportedly, “called on” La Republique du Cameroun “to ensure the conditions prevail for journalists to do the jobs in safety”. Not a moment too soon!

Given that Samuel Wazizi’s abduction and murder went “unnoticed” by the same august body, it must be a truly “grave” situation – to quote CRTV. Either that or it was technically awkward to tackle LRC, Wazizi not being a LRC citizen. Or maybe Ambazonia News was just unaware of the “pressure” the UN applied at the time.

Leaving all the inconsistency aside Ambazonians would be well advised to stay focused on the liberation struggle taking every opportunity to exercise and exert their dignity.

Complementary commitment demands that Ambazonians outside the homeland continue to massively commit materially to support and complement our RFs who daily commit ultimately.

To be explicit, apart from LRC’s communiqu├ęs disowning the Canadian Process, it would seem that things are falling apart and there might no longer be a leader at ease in LRC to conduct trustworthy negotiations. It was always a given that Ambazonia would do well to establish the strongest position and in the circumstances it would seem to be narrowing down to one option. Leaders need to take their responsibility and start consolidating the common national position. Urgently

The Most High God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.

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