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♦️♦️Prisoners do not negotiate, Sisiku AyukTabe says♦️♦️

By Penn Terence One Of Those Who attended the talks.Read on

The words being widely spewed on the social space are “Negotiations” and “Dialogue”. This is done with the intent of poisoning the social space and the minds of every Ambazonian with the fact that “Prisoners do not negotiate for Free men”

I can assure this noble house that neither of that is taking place between President Sisiku AyukTabe and the Government of La Republique du Cameroun. Our president has made it abundantly clear that Prisoners do not not negotiate because they will do that from a point of weakness. Again, he has made it clear that no one person alone can negotiate over Ambazonia. It will take a cream of our finest experts cut across the board or chosen by every leader in the quest for the complete independence of Ambazonia to negotiate for Ambazonia when the time comes and that time isn’t now. What is happening now should have happened long ago when they were brought in from Nigeria.

However the case, the Government of Cameroun has only initiated pretalks on the way forward. President Sisiku AyukTabe had put certain conditions to be met by Paul Biya and his country before any negotiation (be it the Swiss Talks, the American or the UN led mediation etc) can begin. These conditions can be presented by just anyone who has the people he is fighting for at heart and not the president himself.

Before any negotiation can begin, the president has asked for four things to be done by Cameroun as a show of good faith;

1- The demilitarization of Southern Cameroons and the immediate call for a cease fire ( After all, it was Paul Biya who declared war on our people and he will be the one to call a cease fire to that war)

2- The release of everyone locked up because of the Ambazonian war of independence. Everyone must be accounted for.

3- The granting of a general amnesty to every Ambazonian around the world to come home and consult with love ones and leadership on the possible way forward without any fear of police harrassment

4-After the first three conditions MUST have been met as a show of good faith, then will both parties set the time line and place for negotiations to be done in the presence of a third party and on a neutral space.

The Government of La Republique du Cameroun only met with him and his team to address these conditions set by Sisiku AyukTabe (on behalf of all Ambazonians) who is aware that it is his duty NEVER to fail the people who look up to him. Positive strides are being made and he will update all Ambazonians when the time comes. For now, it is imperative for us all to give him the blessings that he needs. To whom much is given so much more is expected and President Sisiku AyukTabe is aware of that.

My response to the above!

If that is the stance of Julius AyukTabe, I would say he is perfectly correct: Prisoners do not negotiate.

1) This debunks some of his supporters who argue that Ayuktabe and his team in prison have the right to negotiate.

2) the conditions given by Sisiku for any potential negotiation are perfectly reasonable. I have been against all-inclusive dialogue/negotiation and negotiations without pre-conditions. That is why I have always challenged the Swiss-led talks and Tibor Nagy who kept insisting that there should be an all-inclusive dialogue without any pre-conditions. Where in the world have you seen negotiations at such levels in such cases without pre-conditions? So, Julius is right in his argument.

If you say what happened in Geneva was not negotiation but pee-talks, then I have this to say. l agree that it was not the negotiation. And if you call it pre-talks, that is not the way pre-talks are conducted.

3) The PREPARATION of pre-talks or pre-negotiations are conducted internally and not externally.

4) The leadership has to identify two groups of people. One for pre-negotiation and another group that constitutes our actual negotiators.

5) Only the selected pre-negotiators would be going for all pre-talks meetings. You don’t have to take the entire leadership movements to Geneva, Paris, Yaounde, Washington DC or New York for senseless meetings known as “pre-talks” or ‘capacity building’.

5) Our negotiators only step in after the terms agreed by our pre-negotiators and at the actual negotiation.

The leaderships of our struggle have my proposal which is in more details.

I am not a fan of any of the leaders. I am a fan of the struggle.


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