Justice Ayah Paul Abine says:

Ayah Paul Abine says:

July 4, 2020


May we emphasize just again that Southern Cameroonians, like every other people, comprise those on the territory and those abroad. Even as those bearing the brunt of the present hostilities are essentially those on the territory, the FOREIGN component has been laying claim to some exclusive rights with an absolutely HOLLOW foundation!

It is important for the foreign legions to understand that the PEOPLE of Southern Cameroons have not given them any MANDATE just as they have not given any mandate to anyone on the territory. It seems safe, then, to hold that neither component should seek to lord it over the other! Nor should any segment either way seek the exclusion of some others without any legal right, much less, legitimacy

It would be recalled that the Swiss Adventure last year, 2019, had not even begun when some Southern Cameroonians abroad started holding themselves out as the exclusive representatives of Southern Cameroonians. They, of course, failed woefully to ground their HOLLOW claim. It is hoped that they themselves did realize that the CONSORTIUM of teachers and lawyers was based on the territory just like the ordinary men, the women, the youth and even infants who marched with PEACE branches in 2017.

It cannot be otherwise even today as those persons on the territory have lost their lives and livelihood even as those abroad are enjoying their lives to the fullest in foreign sanctuaries. Those on the territory continue to face death and loss of shelter even today. Those who fled are languishing in refugee camps; in the forests/bushes; and in precarious abodes east of the Mungo. Thousands of their children have lost their rights to education for four years running in contrast with the children of those abroad.


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