A quote from a man ahead of his time…

Cameroon, by virtue of any political theory,

cannot be described as a nation but
complex juxtaposition of aggregated
geographical features plus two different
colonial linguistic heritages all of which
were involuntarily patched up together
through the colonial experience, It is over
fifty years old and for its fifty years of mere
geographical features which is said to be
African in miniature has had its moments of
as a
this complex diversity of
incidental glory;

from 1960 to 1985 in which there was real
achievement in the domains of infrastructure and rural
development, and real misery thereafter wherein no
achievement was recorded in any domain.

“Whatever the case,
whether one is referring to the period of glory or that of gloom,
the one thing that stands out significantly clear is that the
hegemonic state has been the sole dominant actor having rather
confiscated the people’s historicity thus holding dominance
over helpless citizens whose duty has been only to legitimise the
maintenance of local hegemony by voting masquerades into
office with no say in matters of governance or with no power to
determine the type of governmental structure they will like to put
in place to effectively govern them. This book, however, is not an
analysis of Cameroon’s political life for those its fifty years of
mere existence. It rather takes the reader upstream to the
genesis of Cameroon’s constitution and demonstrates how it
has been used over the years as a political requisite to ensure the
success of the global hegemonic ambition which subjugates
helpless citizens within a hegemonic state structure that was
created to be an appendage of the metropolitan economy under
an aristocratic regime that was imposed on the people by
Western powers based on the corruption of reality thus serving
as a local hegemony which facilitates the exercise of global
hegemony. In other words, this book illustrates how local
hegemonies are made and maintained to ensure the success of
global hegemony. It is a major contribution to the understanding
of hegemony.

From the book ” Aconstitutional hold-up in Cameroon” (c) Nfamwih Aseh 2011. The visionary author sadly passed away this day 14/5/2020; RIP

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