Chaos in LRC – Mr Ngute’s plight

As if proof were needed, Atanga Nji was quick to verify that Mr Ngute’s jaunt to West Cameroon was a fool’s errand.
Even before Mr Ngute had finished self-congratulating on his safe return from the dubious trip, Mr Nji was on hand to declare his [Mr Ngute’s] promises untenable. “We will not discuss the form of the state”.
What will happen now? Nothing at all! The government of Cameroun works, that is functions, using the term in the loosest sense, on “high instructions”. This means that the PM, who has been demonstrated to have no powers, is no better than any other minister acting on high instructions! This fact is not a plot to limit the powers of an anglophone PM! Even a francophone PM would still, in practice, endure the same humiliation of seeing his word rubbished by a supposed subordinate minister in “his government”.
This is because of the centralized presidential system in place. The system limits the powers of any PM to the ceremonial chairing of non-binding ministerial meetings and has simply had the function of having an anglophone “head of government” so that nobody could cry marginalization.
Because of that system, Mr Nji was complete accurate in his evaluation. There is no leadership in LRC in practice as no minister, not even the PM, can prove that they have “high instructions” to make any commitments such as Mr Ngute did in West Cameroon. Mr Biya is not well enough to get involved. Yes that is a strange phrase and is the only possible explanation. Mr Ngute was merely sent out to play for time while logic dictates that MR Biya is still expecting to suppress the uprising by force.
With this level of chaos in LRC, Ambazonia would be “walking” it if their leadership was more credible.
The proper committed figures such as ***** and others should step up and contribute. They should be willing to give of their leadership and guidance to galvanize the groundswell of commitment that clearly awaits direction while the previous leaders are in captivity.

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