The LRC circus… At the constitutional council

This circus has few surprises and can be taking the RDPC some way out of its comfort zone.

For the first time cronies of the regime are having to put up with argument and evidence and reasoning.

It could be a genuine change happening in LRC but it remains to be seen how it concludes.

After the circus concludes without conclusion one way or the other, the regime is likely to go for a final show of strength. It all depends on how many of the regime still believe in the fight. That is the main effect of the circus – eroding the aura of authority.

Even though the Council is hand-picked it is still a risk for the RDPC.

What does have to do with Ambazonia?

Everything and nothing. It is no secret that there are many Federationists in the mix. Some of them will be nursing hopes of making the things happen under a Kamto administration.

They certainly don’t have a hope under the current LRC regime and are now having their “last fight” effort. If( when) it doesn’t come off the restorationists will have the ascedancy. Many wavering “federalists” will have a choice to make. What ever happens the Restoration will not cease. Hostilities may reduce but not necessarily spell the conclusion. For one thing Ambazonia will remain in our consciousness and in the federalists’ and even in the “unitarists” – assuming the ultimate solution, namely a peaceful negotiated restoration, is not immediately pursued.

We wait…

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