Babanki Abductions Obviously Fake: Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert

If people like our Brother Wasaloko and politicians passing for pastors like “The Not So Reverend Fonki Samuel Forba” truly desire to help Cameroun tell these big lies about Amba torturing these women in Babangki, why can’t they even do a bit of homework? Why not try to make the lies “intelligent lies”? When the PCC Moderator puts out a statement saying he has ascertained the veracity of the video, and lavishly cites the Word of God to back his lies, why can’t do just a little homework first?

Let me point only to a few basic facts to show that these pictures of “women tortured and injured by Amba” are as fabricated as the claims about abduction by Amba. Come with me:

1) Checkout the woman in greenish “kabah”. The one holding up one arm and hiding her face. The home in the background of her picture is built of plank or “karaboat” as our people would say. Well, Babangki does not have “karaboat” houses. These are generally found in the Southern Zone.

2) Take another picture… the one of the woman whose back has lacerations reportedly from the torture and whipping by Amba. Well, her picture is filmed inside or near another “karaboat” house. Not Babangki, definitely.

3) Now, checkout all the women on the video reportedly showing women in Babangki under Amba captivity. Crosscheck every woman in the pictures of women displaying injuries in the photos and not a single one of those with injuries is anywhere on the video or screenshots of same.

4) The “yellow” legs, black feet and hands of the woman with injuries to her two legs and the other “yellow” legged woman being attended to by a man kneeling cannot be identified in the video or screenshots. They should have been easy to find given their distinctive “yellow” bleached legs.

5) A big effort was made by the producers of this propaganda to mask the metadata (dates when original was taken and where). Yet, and as true as there is no perfect crime, all the pictures showing injured women were taken a long time before the Babangki video screengrab.

6) Finally, according to Google Images, the propagandists who most likely produced and first posted these pictures all work as propagandists for La Republique du Cameroun. Google Images shows that it is the online outfit known as “A Better Cameroon” whose executives include a certain Clovis Onga Naseri (of Disarmament Fame) that uploaded several of the pictures first.

La Republique can keep trying, but tell them I said “wuna dross di show”.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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