President Marianta Njomia to address Ambazonia tonight as LRC marches set to flop

President Marianta Njomia is scheduled to address the Ambazonians on the eve of another La Republique du Cameroun charade.

The substance of the message is unlikely to change much with the consistent theme to encourage Ambazonian citizens to own their dignity and destiny.

Over the years LRC has held superficial celebratory marches akin to eastern European spectacles of the past, with much the same substance.

The president is also likely, Ambazonia News hopes, to be tackling the tricky subject of La Republique du Cameroun’s habit of chickening out of every opportunity for meaningful negotiations to resolve the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle. This will be important given the new debate on a referendum, among other methods to proceed.

We can’t wait.

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