Read or download the policy document from https://federalrepublicofambazoniagov.org/newsroom/documents/igs-aa-policy-2

IG President Marianta Njomia has reiterated her popular and successful policy on the prosecution of the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle. It outlines a simple ratio for distributing funds raised by Ambazonian citizens and ensures that Action occurs proportional to the resources while seeking to support our refugees, prisoners and so-called internally displaced victims using a fixed proportion of resources.

The proportion of resources assigned to IG officials or any other diasporan leader of the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle is 0%. The rationale is that we of the diaspora must sacrifice materially and financially to complement the higher sacrifice of the Restoration Forces and the civilians on the ground.


  1. ACTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY we have waited for, for too long. Better late than never. First of its kind in this 6 plus years of war. President Iya Marianta and V.P. Dr. Abongwa, the hand of God that brought you into this positions was on purpose. Your people are suffering and God has answered. God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.


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