La Republique du Cameroun forces Ambazonian children to march at gun point!

The latest “bavure” from La Republique is another war crime video in which the “elements” of the “elite” BIR are seen forcing school children to march and sing songs, admittedly in honour of Ambazonian Restoration forces, but still quite clearly a war crime.

The self-indicting footage is claimed to have been produced in Kupe Manenguba county.

The international community must now prevail on their partner to stop multiplying these crimes. Having shot at least two primary school children on their way to school in recent years, murdered several villagers in “bavures”, burnt several villages they must imagine they are trying to win hearts and minds with this example of ineptitude which only declares defeat.

All Ambazonians seeing that must be quaking in their boots, much like they did in the past when those laughable marches-past “proved” that La Republique was in control of various localities! And yet … what Ambazonia News sees is a reassurance that our ARF must be winning! Why else would La Republique du Cameroun commit the faux pas of rounding up helpless children at gun-point? The “international partners” must be squirming in embarrassment at their callous partner!

Ambazonia News is not publishing the footage as we do not wish to propagate the criminal behaviour.

Our children shall be like the stars above!

The Most High God Is The WatchMan of Our Nation…

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