Elections: RC Civic status data

Shocking Revelations About The Members Of Defucnt Restoration Council

Ambazonia news has gathered details of the civic status, and therefore, their qualification, or not, to vote in the contested poll of 6th September 2022. The following are the quotes from our sources. To believe the data, it would appear only one of the Councillors could have legitimately voted, had the ECA enforced the provisions of the Modalities!

Begin quote:

We just completed verification of compliance to civic responsibility (CID and AR-FEE subscription status) of the 26 RC members (25 of whom voted)

Remember that the eligibility criteria to vote in the flawed electoral modalities of the defunct RC was that voters must be active CID and AR-FEE subscribers.

a) Only 3/26 RC members are active CID subscribers (Number 15 18 & 24). Six of them stopped their subscription months before the flawed elections (number 3, 10, 16, 19, 22 & 23). Seventeen of them have no CID records. ABOMINATION!

b) Only 1/26 RC member is an active AR-FEE subscriber (number 24). Strangely as you can see from the list, the only RC member that is paying both CID and AR-FEE (number 24) was declared not eligible to vote! ABOMINATION!

πŸ‘‰πŸ½Of the 26 RC members, 19 are from LGAs (less than one third of the 61 LGAs are represented)

πŸ‘‰πŸ½10 of 13 counties are POORLY represented AND 3 major counties are not represented: Bui (epitome of the liberation war), Fako (capital county) and Ndian (Amba bread basket with 9 LGAs).
Why poor representation? Mezam for example has just 3 of 7 LGAs represented, while Lebialem has 3/3 LGAs represented.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½Only Lebialem has representation from all the LGAs in the county.


1) Elvis K****a (Ngoketunjia. County with only 7 members in their county forum)

2) Chris*r A**a (Fontem-Lebialem)

3) Dr E**h A*****y (KMC, The chair of the commission which produced the electoral modalities)

4) A**e N*** (Fungom – Menchum)

5) Pastor Chris*****r N*****o (Santa-Mezam)

6) A***s O**u (Eyumojock – Manyu)

7) Pastor N***i A***d (Njinikom – Boyo)

8) A**m W*****m (SG RC, Lebialem origin)

9) Pastor D***y (Fundong – Boyo)

10) D*****y J****r K****l (Nwa-DMC)

11) F******k N**h (Consortium)

12) S**a T****s (EU rep)

13) L***s E******e (Mbonge – Meme)

14) M** A**h (Tubah – Mezam)

15) M***y ??? (EU rep)

16) N****n ??? (Tombel – KMC)

17) P****l B****t (Balikumbat – Ngoketunjia)

18) J******n T****e (Wabane – Lebialem)

19) B***o A*****t ( Moghamo-Momo)

20) G****n (Menemo – Momo)

21) N******c (Alou – Lebialem)

22) Edward (Wum – Menchum)

23) S******n M*****u (DMW region)

24) J****h Ekortarh (Upper Bayang – Manyu) πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™THE ONLY RC MEMBER PAYING CID & AR-FEEπŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™. Yet the only RC member who did not vote!

25) L******e (EU rep)

26) Taa A***g (Bafut – Mezam)

End quote

What to make of it

At face value this data would appear to explain the reluctance of the RC to revisit the Modalities when the Executive requested it. While this is certainly only a narrow window into the various “honorables'” contributions to the Liberation Struggle, as they could, and, indeed must, have other ways they have contributed, it does lend credence to the idea of the RC being defunct! They did not have to pass the Modalities, if indeed they did, with the provisions that would have stopped them voting! If they did pass the Modalities, they must not have read them, which makes them defunct! If they read and passed the Modalities and still voted, knowing they couldn’t, that would call into question their “honorableness” in a particularly serious way, which should have seen many of them voluntarily “request thanks” for their service! Having passed “laws” how could they be the first to break same laws?

Only one possible conclusion could accrue from the data and that is that the RC rigged the election and hoped it would all go unnoticed. They even allowed clauses that have nothing to do with elections to be tagged on and passed! For instance the A-Levels clause, the presidential pay clause and even the sheer number of typographical errors! What of the 200-year family history? Where did they get data to vet the candidates on that one?

The tragedy of the “elections” is that they used a system that would be rejected even in LRC! They must hope that it all turns out alright but nothing based on illegality and connivance ever does! Ambazonia News looks forward to the first cracks forming in the conspiracy! There is no way all that multitude could be actively involved but none of those who simply decided to look the other way, or hold their noses while condoning the flaws, can say they did not know when the edifice starts to crumble in the near future. They all saw the feedback which was public. The shouts of sabotage from the disciples of the King Makers were public. The campaign speeches by the “ECA commissioners” on behalf of certain candidates were public. The ECA also avoided producing the voter list throughout! It can only be hoped that they could not compile one for if they could, and knew that they did not have a viable voter body, it would be a disturbing collusion to encompass an entire commission! If they couldn’t it would be lamentable to ponder the idea that a whole body of commissioners lacked a courageous critical mass to come clean.

What about 90+% voting for a candidate who insisted he wanted to be paid and whose “campaign” opened with him reciting sensitive information to the public and insisting one of his assets was that he could travel on short notice when he also revealed information which should stop anyone expecting him to travel even if he wanted to do? Ambazonians must be desperate to listen to all the reasons why a candidate is unsuitable, from their own voice, to coin a phrase, and still throw in their lot simply on a “hope”! Staging elections just to stage elections is the easiest way to show your immaturity and failure to learn and adapt is a tragic illustration that we still have some way to go.

The Positive?

For once, it is a positive that we are not all collected and locked in this questionable tent. Imagine if the questions about the dealings of the Comrade turned out to be as founded as many think and everyone had allowed themselves to be corralled into his tent! Does not bear contemplating!

Ambazonia will survive and prevail! If we are mistaken about the Comrade, we will be the first to praise his achievements when he moves the Liberation Struggle forward. We promise to not say “We told you so!” and very much hope that we are mistaken.

Thankfully G0 is finally showing some common sense and judgement and quite soon a balance should be struck.

The Most High God be the Watchman of Ambazonia

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