Ambazonia Elections: Constituents Assembly resolutions on irregularities gridlock.

The Ambazonia Elections 2022 has been plagued by failures to address pre-poll challenges contrary even to the current Election Modalities, Ambazonia News understands from sources close to the deliberations.

The incumbent president raised concerns about lack of consultation, the inadequacy of some provisions and the failure initially to properly present the modalities to the Constituents Assembly or get the signature of the president before publication as a law.

Calls for these issues to be addressed were not heeded even with an acknowledgement of receipt. Instead a minority of members of the Restoration Council engaged in a campaign of intimidation labelling the challenges sabotage.

The president duly convened a Constituents General Assembly of the Ambazonia Peace Plan on Saturday 3 September 2022 to address her concerns as time runs out on a consensual resolution ahead of the poll.

After hearing from several speakers, including the key contributor to the framework for the Election Modalities and county Chairs who outlined shortcomings in the operation of the Election Commission of Ambazonia, the assembly passed several resolutions to ask the IG to regularize the document. The expert testimony confirmed that the widespread concerns about the ECA operation were a moot point as the Election Modalities could not be operational without having been signed into law by the executive.

Read the resolutions of the Ambazonia Peace Plan Constituents Assembly here.

2 thoughts on “Ambazonia Elections: Constituents Assembly resolutions on irregularities gridlock.

  1. 45 people cannot make any decision for 8 million Ambazonians. That’s ridiculous to say the least . This is trash 🗑. Elections are scheduled to take place on September 6. Period


  2. You Don’t force power to Yourself and note from today that u Can’t play over 8million People as well and force your agenda for People to take,if u are one of those who believe in justice go back and give a Listening ears to the People and make sure the moralities are followed Correctly.
    If u care go on with the shame call election it won’t hield any fruit,just wait and see how it goes,u guys are not even Ashamed to go in a meeting and bring up a useless point that President should be paid and since People do not Support your devilish idea u turn against them in order to push your agend,the man u claim u him a President now can not contribute money for four years counting but he want Salary chai,where will the Salary come from? in fact i can conclude that his Tv was created with a hidden agenda and before i forhmget who sponsor that tv station?


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