Bell tolls for LRC occupation as leaders all agree on collaboration…

ACT was the forum. The date was 2/7/22.

Among others, President Marianta Njomia was there,  Dr Cho Ayaba was there, Ebenezer Akwanga was there, Herbert Boh was there, Elvis Kometta was there, Abdulkarim Ali was there …and most importantly there were scores of other Ambazonians.

They all used one word, without exception. Collaboration. They agreed the common fight is against LRC and that collaboration would shorten the fight as well as keep many more of our people safe.

Whenever LRC would turn up, whether stretchered or hobbling on crutches, the leaders agreed, they needed a common negotiating position and team.

To borrow a famous LRC phrase it is “la fin de la recreation” and time to gather LRC’s bags.

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