President Praises FM NoPity, condemns latest war crimes by LRC

Marianta Njomia has issued an address to praise the recent exploits of FM No Pity in a recent mission. No Pity’s exploits show the development of Ambazonian capacity and demonstrate how LRC militias are no longer the lords and masters they used to be in Ambazonia.

Tugging on one more of her themes, president Njomia lauded No Pity’s wisdom in coming to the rescue of civilians who were had been detained by rogue elements. This is an example of the collaboration that is needed between the Restoration Forces and civilians. We need our civilians to be able to distinguish our forces from those of LRC whose main impact is to harass and impede. By contrast, Restoration Forces need to protect and facilitate the lives of our citizens.

The president encouraged collaboration among all Restoration forces and promised to discourage any counter-productive in-fighting.

Contrasting No Pity’s attack on LRC’s military targets the president condemned the razing of Mamfe Hospital by increasingly desperate LRC military occupiers. She called on international organizations to take LRC to task in the face of continuous and recurring war crimes.

In conclusion the president sent her words of comfort to the victims in the Mamfe Hospital arson and promised the liberation is nearer.

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