Prayers from the Ground

This is an insight into the views of people living the “crisis”.

Dear friends in Christ Jesus good morning blessings. It’s another dawn. It’s another day. It’s another week. For us back home this week is full of anxiety and fear but Jesus Christ is in our boats, Amen.
Our focus this week is on the continent of Africa. All our faithful followers of morning Showers of blessings meditations in other parts of Africa we salute you. Whether you are in West, East, Central, North or Southern Africa, we send you very special fraternal greetings from us here in the troubled triangle nation of West Africa. We hope to hear from you soonest. Share this week’s meditations to your contacts who are in other parts of Africa so that they can get connected. I salute all those who are already connected. May God richly bless you.
Today we will talk about rest. Our text says God worked for six days and rested on the seventh day and then he made it Holy as sabbath consecrated to him. The original sabbath day was Saturday which was later on transferred to Sunday which was the resurrection Sunday. This is the day reserved by the Christian Church as a day of rest set aside to worship the Lord. In some pure African societies like those of us from the North West Region of our country, we have an additional day of rest called “Country Sunday”. On this day nobody is expected to go to the farm or pick up a matchet to cut anything in the name of work. Villagers are expected to rest and can do visitations. It’s unfortunately that we have another “Country Sunday” imposed on us every Monday as a result of this ongoing war in our country. Some people call it “Extended Sunday”. But it’s unfortunate that in such a day we can neither step out of our homes for the fear of bullets from the unknown. We have become perpetual prisoners in our own home town. We now have compulsory resting days. Night curfews have also been put in place which makes rest actively present in our country. WE ARE RESTING BY FORCE. Wonders shall never end.
But while these days of rest are imposed on us, what about those of you who are out of the current zone and in others countries. Some of you have to do two or three jobs just to survive or to be able to raise enough money for your families back home. Sometimes you sleep just about four or five hours out of the eight hours recommended by health experts. The scripture says that you need rest and that even God who created you also rested. Your body need rest to be able to function well. You need to feed the body that works the money. Take a vacation. Workers should ask and take their leave. Find time to relax and relate with your family and loved ones.
Can pastors go on leave? Should they rest? Can they really rest? When you call a pastor on phone and he/she says he is resting or on leave, what will easily be your reaction? Should I rest for one week or one month without sending you morning showers of blessings meditations as a way of resting?
I am just thinking aloud and about you resting and me resting as well. God will help us.
Let us pray.
PRAYER: Lord grant me internal rest from the pains of this life even when I am not able to rest from the physical but give me Grace to seek and to have both, in the name of Jesus Christ we have prayed Amen.

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