Viva Ambazonia! Independence day 2022


This weekend marks the 61st anniversary of independence of Southern Cameroons. Logic and international interests and schemes dictate that most Ambazonians of today should not have had any idea of the history or statehood of the then British Southern Cameroons. So why and how did Southern Cameroons survive the designs of the colonial powers? How did Ambazonia survive the annexation and attempted assimilation by French Cameroon? How has Ambazonia survived the clever ruse of “It is not so bad, everyone suffers! We better keep our precious peace! We live in a haven for peace!”? How has the Ambazonian Liberation Struggle survived the might and diplomatic capital of La Republique du Cameroun; and the sheer effort of LRC’s corruption machine to “persuade” Ambazonians that they are better off as “second-class-half-brothers” in La Republique du Cameroun? Of late there have been “more sincere” promises that the Ring Road and other infrastructure would be built after all this time. What about the tantalising prospect of the Limbe Deep Sea Port and even Tiko Airport? Even the “Special Status”?

Before all of these considerations, 95%, at least, of Ambazonians had no idea they were bona fide citizens of an internationally legal independent nation!

La Republique du Cameroun Miscalculates?

All common sense would have concluded that Ambazonia would be a vague memory. How did LRC miss the equivalent of a football tap-in from 2 yards out, in the middle of the goal posts, with the keeper having dived past in the wrong direction?
There is only one real plausible explanation to the whole litany of traps and pitfalls being safely, even if unknowingly, navigated by Southern Cameroons! It has to be the last line of the Ambazonian Anthem…

Every time La Republique du Cameroun has tried any of the coercive acts they have left it half baked and void of any credibility. When anything “legal” needed to be reinforced, they either failed to notice or just were not really bothered – even when those acts would have tightened their hegemony over Ambazonia!

It is almost as if La Republique du Cameroun deliberately abusing a secret adopted half-brother who would otherwise have been completely unaware and content! A bully cannot help it! If they have an adopted brother, even one who is unaware of their separate roots, their actions will constantly signal as La Republique du Cameroun has all through the 61 years.

Our National Anthem answered

Our national prayer would seem to have been answered at every turn when we were as helpless as the adopted half-brother! It is the belief of Ambazonia News that we should sing or recite our Anthem every morning in gratitude for the Watchfulness of The Most high God. In this chaotic throw of ideas is a non-exhaustive list of instances where relatively minor and insignificant deviations from LRC’s course would have managed to assimilate Ambazonia! Somehow, against all odds…

The Most High God be The Watchman of This Nation!

First Pitfall – LRC gains independence before British Southern Cameroons.

By gaining “independence” on 1/1/1960, LRC froze her international boundaries according to international law! That did not stop the “brother-nation” of Southern Cameroons choosing to “gain her independence by joining LRC”. The “wiser” people duly arranged it and set everything all nice and legal to use “self-determination” to decide it. It worked too and everything was a tap-in! All LRC needed to do was complete the deal by getting the “Founding Fathers” to sign on the dotted line! The problem was that Southern Cameroons turned out to be more democratic than LRC – and ok luckier! Like the over-confident striker in front of goal, LRC did not see the need to waste their time with such silly formalities! So they omitted to get the deal signed and therefore the Southern Cameroons Assembly did not ratify the union treaty, nor did the French Cameroon Assembly, and therefore the union was not a union. Because Southern Cameroons had a proper multi-party parliament there was no chance a single individual could have been “persuaded” to add their signature as an after-thought even if French Cameroon had bothered with the tediousness of legality! It was a de facto annexation, only “surviving” because … well what’s the harm to a tea leaf if the East India Company is “not nice”?

The International community would not upset the cart just to get justice for anyone who didn’t even know they were being wronged! But … The Most High God was the Watchman of that Nation!

Second Pitfall. Unsigned Federation Set Up and then Unilaterally Changed!

It is plausible that the only-de facto “Federal” Republic would have survived and nobody, well, hardly anybody would have been able to persuade the citizens that they were victims of a wrong! But … as the Most High God is the Watchman of that Nation, French Cameroon’s Assembly had passed a constitution which forbade any single party in the “Federation” to change the form of the state without separate approving votes in both states! What are the chances? So when French Cameroon’s leaders decided to hold a referendum and change the form of the state, they were breaking a law they had passed, especially when not bothering to separate the results! The results were celebrated and if they had left it at that … who knows with the victims not being aware they were victims, if the eggheads had left it as a United Republic … No. The Most High God Is the Watchman of the Nation!

Third Pitfall – French Cameroon Decides Integration is Nicer

French Cameroon has omitted to sign the union treaty and broken the rules that were meant to have maintained the union but … even though the victims had no idea they were victims and the international community did not want to “unnecessarily” upset the order it could been “okay” had French Cameroon simply let sleeping dogs lie. But as the most High God is the Watchman of the Nation French Cameroon decided to withdraw from the union by signing what Gorji-Dinka correctly interpreted as the Restoration Law. That Law in 1984 did deemed United Republic of Cameroon not “integrated” enough and renamed it La Republic du Cameroun which was the at-independence name of French Cameroon. That is the name of the would-have-been equal party in the union when Southern Cameroons had voted to gain independence by joining – and that is, if the union treaty had been signed and ratified by both states’ assemblies. That the treaty had not been signed had left only a de facto union which only lasted because the victims had not complained but would collapse if they did at anytime in the future.
When Gorji-Dinka raised a stink what happened? LRC arrested and charged him with, of all things secession, and staged a trial where the judge duly agreed with Gorji-Dinka that the “Restoration” Law was in fact a secession from the “union” by LRC and that the accused could not be guilty. Still 90+ % of Southern Cameroons knew little…

La Republic du Cameroun Self-Snookers!

Why didn’t LRC repeal the law? Well, you wouldn’t try to put the tooth paste back in the tube once it is squeezed, would you? Too difficult! The repeal would simply have focused attention on why it was needed – and resulted in the exact opposite of the integration that LRC desired!
Somehow this legal truth seemed to remain niche as the majority of the victims continued to be blissfully unware. But The Most High God Remained on Watch as LRC continued to set up pitfalls which Southern Cameroons continued to navigate.

The Final Pitfall?

Now that a mass of Southern Cameroonians has complained and been forced to actively defend that nation, the legalities are available for meaningful exploration. So what is the final pitfall for Southern Cameroons?
Gorji-Dinka has the answer! In his complaints at the UN he got the UN to effectively and explicitly state that Ambazonia, the name he proposed for Southern Cameroons, could take her seat when she stopped “being represented” in LRC’s government! It is as simple as that! So when a certain “Senator” was arrested in Ambazonia for treasonously claiming to represent Ambazonia in the La Republic du Cameroun assembly her release was far more significant than the handful of million allegedly paid to her hapless “kidnappers”! They had stumbled on the most important aspect of the Liberation Struggle but, as is the thread of this story, had been completely unaware. Even that could only be because The Most High God is The Watchman of the Nation! It is quite clear that the Most High God is waiting for better political maturity and leadership in Ambazonia before letting her children soar like the stars above!
Happy Independence day Ambazonia 2022!

The Most High God is the WatchMan of Our Nation

Read more from Gorji-Dinka here


IG Condemns Nchang Church Arson and Abductions

The IG has issued a statement to condemn the latest war crimes committed by La Republic du Cameroun militias in Ambazonia.

It happened in Nchang in Manyu County on Friday 16th of September 2022 when, in addition to burning the church, the militias abducted five priests and a nun.

The IG also reminds the International Community of the continue para-military detention of Community Leader and Muslim Scholar Abdul Karim Ali who was abducted in Bamenda and is still in detention without charge or trial.

Read the IG statement here.

The IG calls for the “immediate and unconditional release” of Comrade Abdul Karim Ali

The IG has issued a statement calling on international partners and stakeholders for peace to bring their influence to bear on La Republique du Cameroun to release the recently abducted Ambazonia scholar Abdul Karim Ali.

Having contacted the victim’s family, the IG is able to ascertain that Comrade Abdul Karim Ali is in good spirits and has been visited both by family of counsel.

Here is the IG’s communique.

IG Announces Five days of prayer and fasting LOCKDOWN

Laser-focused Secretary of State for Defence, Rev. C. Asong, has outlined a five-day schedule of prayer and fasting in the run up to LRC’s traditional 20th May celebration in Ambazonia.

That date marks the end of the Federation of West Cameroon and French Cameroon in a referendum which the terms of the federation strictly forbade. The illegal referendum took place in 1972 when the Federal Republic of Cameroon became the United Republic.  As if that was not enough LRC’s president in 1982 then renamed the United Republic to the pre-federation name of French Cameroon – La Republique du Cameroon, down away with any reference to the Southern Cameroons state which had become West Cameroon in the federation.

Apart from the name change LRC’s government headed today by the same individual who changed the name, then embarked on routine ritual humiliation to nudge the people of Southern Cameroons to francophonize.

All in all, 20th May is not a day to celebrate in Southern Cameroons and the IG, the Interim Government of Ambazonia, has resolved to stop La Republique du Cameroon from busing in rent-a-crowds from French Cameroon to make believe that  Ambazonians march in celebration.

From 16th May 2022 to 20th May 2022 Ambazonians will abstain from the build up and instead pray and fast in contemplation and to consolidate their dignity and restored state. 

The vast majority of Ambazonians already shun these annual charades but LRC is had at work trying to tempt vulnerable people to supplement the rent-a-crowds of French Camerounians. The IG is warning all Ambazonians that our self-defence forces will be disuading those LRC efforts  during the five days outlined.

Ambazonia’s prayer and fasting will also ensure that we are unmoved by the reported activities of LRC’s hired charlatans who have been making incantations on our land in a vain attempt to turn the tide of their genocidal war on Ambazonia.

The most high God is the Watchman of Ambazonia.

Action and Accountability Cabinet announced.

The IG has released a seven-department cabinet focused on Action and Accountability. The definitive list will appear on Ambazonia News as soon as we can establish its complete accuracy.

It should be recalled that President Marianta Njomia in her inaugural speech pleged to prioritize GZ and ensure accountability.

It is no secret that the turmoil of the recently removed government has sowed confusion in the LGAs so one of the urgent tasks is the reconstitution and revitalisation of all LGAs to return to the important task of defending our land and people.

Ambazonia News understands that President Marianta Njomia is keen on collaboration as a way of ensuring that all RFs base their rules of engagement on the common objective of restoring Ambazonia.

Initial soundings by Ambazonia News point to an alignment of ideas already as it was noted that many reconstituting groups [LGAs] are basing their modus operandi on “allegiance to the flag first and foremost” as they seek to adapt.

The future is bright.

The “Retreat”…

The CDN Retreat October 2021.
Well done to CDN for bringing together the widest ever gathering of Southern Cameroons leaders and actors.

Whatever our views, there is no denying that the war will end through dialogue and negotiation. There is no denying either that Southern Cameroons is making less headway than she could due to a relative lack of collaboration between her leaders and activists.
The slowness of pace is not necessarily a bad thing as those leaders hoping to run the country must gain experience of dealing with diverse opinions and even political opponents. In view of that need for tolerance and flexibility, CDN is to be commended for the “Retreat”.

Detractors of the CDN will be concerned that CDN is not “sufficiently distant” from LRC especially as its founding pillars include the vague notion of “return of peace through negotiation and reconciliation and reconstruction”.
This last phrase was sullied by LRC’s hoax of “reconstruction” and other cosmetic patches.
LRC may well look at the CDN and see a useful tool or arena to find “moderates” who would be willing to front up for those cosmetic changes but CDN aims are not at odds with an eventual separation and two states. In no way could LRC expect to take advantage of CDN, whose founders have never failed to call out the atrocities on “Ground Zero”. Neither, as far as it is evident, does CDN commit itself to deliver anything more than its services as a facilitatornl.

On the contrary, if LRC wishes to “take advantage” by engaging true dialogue and negotiations …

The ideal would be a negotiated separation but it must be accepted that that would be a reconciliation as well as lead to the reconstruction of both states. This is a convoluted statement that “coincidences” in LRC statements and slogans are just that – coincidences. It should not be discounted that LRC is constantly seeking to appropriate Southern Cameroons opinion to create those deceptive slogans.
On balance, the benefit of building trust among Southern Cameroons leaders outweighs the risk of LRC infiltrators. That time has past and it is clear that only a small minority of Southern Cameroonians, as is their right, still believe in a Federation with LRC. Ironically, those who would not consider a federation can rely on LRC to ensure it does not come to pass! Why would LRC go to war and interrogate people who use the word “federation” only to revert to negotiating for a federation? Even if that were to emerge, Southern Cameroons would still be in a better position with leaders who have mutual understanding and are single minded on the fundamentals – the ethos and civism of Southern Cameroons.
Thus the most encouraging report to emerge from the Retreat was the cordiality of discussions especially if opinions were divergent.
The absence of the IG from the Retreat is at this point not a big problem for either “side”. The confidence building will be slightly slower for that absence but the leaders need time to reflect and adapt to the statesmanship that they will be called on to exercise in due course. If anything we could hope that that lack of a rush to “return peace” shows a patience that we accept that the struggle need not conclude “in a hurry”. We are relaxed in the knowledge that it will take some time and will similarly patiently build consensus among our leaders on the fundamentals of our state. Onwards to the next retreat, in that case.

The leaders who attended the Retreat did not go to create a homogenous one-party to submit to LRC! Knowing a little about some the leaders I can safely state the idea of “submitting” anything to LRC would not have been entertained even by the most “moderate” romantic.

The featured image is from the CDN’s website where more information on their ideas and vision can be found.

The Diaspora IG says…


The quest from the overwhelming majority of Ambazonians is for total independence and statehood restoration.

This overwhelming majority is structured under a worldwide community mobilization body with the People’s legitimate elected representatives of the 13 counties and the 61 LGAs of the Federal Republicof Ambazonia (FRA).

This overwhelming majority pays allegiance to the community based Interim Government of the FRA whose leadership is constitutionally delegated to Dr Samuel Ikome Sako.

Mr Ayuk Tabe , imprisoned or free, has NO MANDATE to speak for the Ambazonian people. He was impeached by the Restoration Council , the highest legislative institution of our revolutionary body.

Dr Samuel Ikome Sako endorsed self defence as a legitimate tool for our people to defend themselves from the genocidal war declared upon them by President Paul Biya of La Republic du Cameroun (LRC).

The Ambazonia Restoration Forces (ARFs) who are community freedom fighters align under all the 61 LGAs that are pillar extensions of the Interim Government headed by H. E. Dr Samuel Ikome Sako as President and CIC, constitute the largest if not the sole functional self-defence organ in the whole territory of Ambazonia.

No prisoner nor LRC selected interlocutors nor coalition without the mandate of Ambazonians will negotiate the terms of our independence, talk less of calling for ceasefire because we never declared war.

The Ambazonian plight for sovereignty is an international problem and requires mediation on an internationally mediated platform. The Swiss led mediation is the only internationally endorsed platform for mediation at this moment and the Ambazonia Coalition Team (ACT) represents the independentist’s platform with the overwhelming majority of the Ambazonian citizens worldwide.

We are cautioning the international institutions and international media houses not to fall prey to any deceitful or manipulative attempts from LRC to allocate and impose the people’s mandate on their cronies or enablers nor derail the jurisdiction of our plight to an internal problem because that will never bring a lasting “peace through justice” solution to the conflict.

No backdoor communication should be held between any Ambazonian citizens and the enemy- LRC. Defaulters will be VOMITED, publicly SHAMED and PROSECUTED when we get to Buea.

The UNSHAKABLE resolve of this generation of indigenes from Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia, is nothing short from statehood restoration and that we will employ all resources at their disposal through the ongoing Ambazonia War Draft (AWARD), to fully resist any imposed manipulation from LRC or LRC enabling cronies of federalist or unionist or international conspiring institutions or countries.

The international institutions (UN, AU, EU…), the international media houses (CNN, BBC, VOA, Al Jazeera, RFI….), international humanitarian and human rights organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, WFP, WHO, International Federation of the Red Cross, …), LRC and its allies or cronies or enablers, are ALL advised or cautioned to consider reliable and representative is the aspirations of the Ambazonian People; or contact or relate with the following mandated institutions representing the will, aspiration and desire of the Ambazonian people, hence institutions that have the mandate of the overwhelming majority of the Ambazonian People, for reliable information on positions or policies related to the Ambazonian quest for Independence and statehood restoration:
-The Ambazonia IG’s spokesman Sec. Chris Anu
-The Ambazonian Secretary Of State (SOS) for Defence Bishop John Egyawan
-The Ambazonia National Security Council (ANSC) spokesman Comrade Langmi Nestor
-The Ambazonia Restoration Forces (ARF) spokespersons Gabonaise and Masterplanner

The facts and positions expressed in this document are endorsed by a Constituent General Assembly in the presence of the representatives of all tiers of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and will be reiterated to the international community by US, by the grassroot leadership of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and by our Pro-IG Activists.

Independence is ours. We must, we are and we will continue to be resilient until we achieve our goal.

Mr. Dion Ngute, “PM” of LRC in Bamenda: Fool’s Errand?

Mr Dion Ngute, PM of, LRC, La Republique du Cameroun has been in Bamenda, Suuthern Cameroons for the last three days. In that time he has posed with a peace plant and an ill-fitting local attire clumsily intended to fit in. The outfits and peace plant were not the only incongruities.

Claims to be in dialogue

Mr Ngute tweeted a self-congratulatory message that he had come to continue “on-going” dialogue condescended by the benevolent dictator of LRC. His method was exactly the same as that of his predecessor in the appointed patronage post. He would ignore all the grievances and claim dialogue while meeting the local “elites”. Worthy of note is that the term “elites” refers to collaborators who benefit from the status quo by accepting the largesse of the afore-mentioned dictator in exchange for occasionally posing as pleased populace. In the last three years the “elites” have had to work over-time to continue to support the dictator while their supposed constituents were being murdered and burnt out of home. Mr Ngute claimed the only condition on the claimed dialogue was that the Restoration of Southern Cameroon independence, as demanded by resistance of the Amba Boys, would remain off the table.

Killings Continued during the Visits

There were reports of burning villages near Ndu while Mr Ngute made his claims and photo calls. It was not a surprise as he is following the same methods. LRC sends elites to pose for pictures with paid local civil servants and RDPC beneficiaries while trying to enforce “unity” through force of murder and extreme brutality. Mr Ngute’s tweet carried images of a crowd wearing pro-Biya tee shirts!

Also, in a City under curfew, the “local” women managed to deploy to the vicinity of his hotel with professionally printed placards demanding peace. This is in a city under curfew in a country where all marches have to be “authorised” formally by letters from the “chefs de terre”.

Author of the Suffering Offers Peace

If the foregoing was not odd enough the offer of peace is being dangled by the same dictator who declared war nearly two-years ago and ordered home-burnings and murders of elderly villages. It is unclear how such an offer of peace could be interpreted while his troops are still busy killing and maiming under his orders. Five months ago Mr Biya reiterated his order boasting in a reference to the killings, of “ordering the neutralisation” of the Amba Boys if they did not drop their weapons. Mr Biya is clearly the author and has confessed responsibility for the suffering of the villagers of Southern Cameroons and has “sent” his appointee elite to pose as messenger of peace even while the murders and intimidation continue!

Mr Biya’s Last Rubber Stamp Did not Include Southern Cameroons

Mr Biya, “stood” for re-election under a flawed electoral system which lead to the declared results being disputed by his opponents in LRC. It is worth noting that it is widely accepted that the vote did not take place in Southern Cameroons so Mr Biya is not in a position to pose as the president of those two regions. In any case being a disputed president even in LRC, he is not in a position to guarantee any agreements reached in dialogue, were it properly constituted.

Mr Ngute is proposing to go to the South West Region, the other Southern Cameroons region to bring them the same gifts. The jury is still out as to what the non-elite Southern Cameroonians will make of the peace mission.

Image from web-sources…