Ambazonia Liberation God-ordained


The story of Ambazonia is a long sequence of surmounting obstacles in more and more unlikely fashion.
The most recent is the fateful declaration of La Republique du Cameroun’s  (LRC’s) communication minister on the Canadian Led Facilitation Process. Imagine the fudges being concocted with a selection of Ambazonian stakeholders who seemed determined to let things “progress” and “see what happens”. There were dubious participants but somehow “everyone” trusted the process and “everyone” of the Ambazonian stakeholders declared their objective was the same – total and unconditional independence for Ambazonia. Even so, they were all relaxed to ignore the dubious participants and “see what happens”. They were even relaxed in the contradiction of taking part in a process which attempted to call Ambazonia “the North West and South West Regions of the Republic of Cameroon”!

After the Canadian Communique, the “Leaders” of the Ambazonian side issued their communique and set about batting away any doubts, sometimes with simple dismissal of doubters as “people who have not been in the Struggle for the Thirty years that we have”.
It was like literal history repeating itself!
A small cohort of selected “leaders” determined to trust that informal dealings with a “brother state” would “turn out fine” and trusting the goodwill and good intensions of Western countries who at once insist they are neutral to the outcome but nudge the dealings towards an already visibly untenable premise.

The plebiscite of the 11th of February 1961 excluded the option of independence for Southern Cameroons, pushing a vibrant multi-party parliamentary system into a union with a proxy dictatorship run remotely by a “secret” colonial master! At the time there was vibrant debate about the type of union to come with a large cross-section “hoping” for a union of equal separate states verging on a confederation.

The leaders “trusted” the union of “brothers” would work. That was in 1961. This is 2023 … and the “leaders” once again trust in the face of similar doubts.
It did not work out in 1961. Witness is the current war. It is unlikely to work this time either under the same “trust”.
That Canada is in the open on mediation is proof that Southern Cameroons survived the inadequacies, not to say inequities of the plebiscite, hopeless though the situation seemed over the years.

  1. LRC omitted to seal the deal with a treaty – which would have restricted the abilities of the likes of Canada to attempt the mediation they are.
  2. LRC then broke the “understandings” imposed by the Western partners
  3. LRC reduced herself to a failed state unable to command the continued support of international partners when Southern Cameroons woke up again.

During the sixty years Southern Cameroons current position in being up for any form of negotiation was unthinkable but for the series of small negligences and oversteps that kept the friction and discontent and legal righteousness alive. LRC broke “laws” but there would have been zero chance of any meaningful challenge had they not also made the overstretch of attempting to nudge Southern Cameroons into an unnecessarily cruel and exploitative existence. They even saw the need to make the mistake of technically withdrawing from the failed union by reverting to their 1960 name, and therefore international borders and choosing to persist even after realising their mistake! When the protests came, they could have offered to appease before a critical mass assembled and that would have sealed it but a bully is always only ever a bully. They trusted that even their corrupt and incompetent “forces of law and order” could quell the protest using violence. They wanted to be seen to dominate not just win.

Six years later, Ambazonian leaders were edging towards a repeat when LRC shows herself once more to be no match for Ambazonians divine grace and protection. By attempting to rubbish the mediation LRC is giving Ambazonians more time to make the break and establish once and for all that they have no future in any form of association with LRC… the home burnings, the killings of school children, the mass arrests would seem to induce no remorse in LRC’s leaders!
How lucky for Ambazonia that, in that frame of mind, LRC is unable to rally to come to the table when they could have secured relatively favourable terms! They misjudged 60 years ago, six years ago and six weeks ago!
LRC came close to the Mediation thanks to the tenacity of Ambazonians in carrying the fight. Now that their institutions are imploding and only projected to become more dysfunctional, Ambazonia needs to intensify the expulsion while building the collaboration framework to take our Nation in hand imminently.

The Most High God is Watching Over Ambazonia

Ambazonian restoration…already here!

The last thread by which the LRC-Southern Cameroons failed union hangs is becoming clearer. Why else would LRC be willing to cough up 100m CFA to release “Sen.” Mundi? It turns out that last thread is the existence of “representatives” of Southern Cameroons in LRC’s parliament. Without them LRC could not sustain an argument in any international setting.

LRC’s first mistake was to “win” the Foumban conference. That lead to their failure to bother to get the union signed off and recorded with the UN. That means the entity known as LRC is the French Cameroon which gained “independence” from France on January first 1960.

The win at Foumban kicked off a scam which has relied on the implied consent of Southern Cameroonians for the de facto union to keep going. It kept going but apparently the proxy French colonialist in LRC had no idea as they kept multiplying their mistakes. Even so they remained lucky in that Southern Cameroonians basically would have settled for a fair and just country and the lack of a treaty would not have mattered. Southern Cameroonians could be argued to have been willing to postpone that fair country into the future as they stoically “accepted” all LRC’s provocations with only minor complaints. Of course the international community has always been happy to “let sleeping dogs lie” to avoid resolving any problems that interfere with the messy balance of self interest.

Mr Ahidjo committed the first error in abolishing the federation which would have lead to a fair country that would have rendered the missing treaty of union unnoticed. Of course he did not know but was lucky in that Southern Cameroons did not know either, and, in any case, appeared determined to settle for even a promise of fairness in future!

Enter Mr Biya in 1982. Having exhausted his honeymoon in less than three years he decided to consolidate and commit the final major error…namely to effectively withdraw LRC from the union-without-a-treaty by reverting the name to LRC! Luck still held as Southern Cameroons persisted in hoping for a fair country in the future and accepting unbelievable doses of provocation. Mr Biya probably clocked on to the problem soon as he set up a patronage system to bring Southern Cameroons “elites” to provide the “representation” that justified the de facto union.

Mr Biya was basically not up to his dictatorial powers as he let his system sweep over him and create its own automatic corrupt tribalistic machine. He had too little control so when the “Anglophone Crisis” came he could not deal with it. He was already a patient but remained “in charge” so nobody could carry out the really simple negotiations that would have quelled it. Instead the situation quickly got out of hand to the point where LRC concluded they had to “win” through violence. Fast forward now… LRC has been fighting a losing genocidal war to preserve a union they not only did not sign legally but themselves dissolved when they withdraw even from the de facto union. There is no way for LRC to negotiate as they have nothing to negotiate with. They need to win but they cannot because even they, contrary to their pretensions, think of Southern Cameroons as foreign!

Last Friday for the first time in many years, LRC did not put any effort into showing that “normalcy” existed in Ambazonia. Even their most fervent quack experts have given up and now call Ambazonia “Ambazonia”, rather than NOSO.

Though “NOSO” was offensive it was also one of a long list of LRC shooting themselves in the foot when attempting to deal with Ambazonia.

Now to Ambazonians. Whether by design or coincidence the Mundi arrest points the way. All to the individuals closing to be representing Southern Cameroons constituencies, which they refer to using NOSO need to be dissuaded to make it clear that it is no longer even a de facto union. After that the various Ambazonian groups need to urgently confer to set up and agree their institutions.

Most Ambazonian groups have talked of collaboration. They need to take it seriously and urgently get on, looking at Somaliland as a model. To spell it out, our country can start functioning without waiting for formal recognitions.

Concurrently they need to declare all LRC “chefs de terre” who remain in Ambazonia personae non grata, giving them the opportunity to decamp voluntarily.

Action and Accountability Cabinet announced.

The IG has released a seven-department cabinet focused on Action and Accountability. The definitive list will appear on Ambazonia News as soon as we can establish its complete accuracy.

It should be recalled that President Marianta Njomia in her inaugural speech pleged to prioritize GZ and ensure accountability.

It is no secret that the turmoil of the recently removed government has sowed confusion in the LGAs so one of the urgent tasks is the reconstitution and revitalisation of all LGAs to return to the important task of defending our land and people.

Ambazonia News understands that President Marianta Njomia is keen on collaboration as a way of ensuring that all RFs base their rules of engagement on the common objective of restoring Ambazonia.

Initial soundings by Ambazonia News point to an alignment of ideas already as it was noted that many reconstituting groups [LGAs] are basing their modus operandi on “allegiance to the flag first and foremost” as they seek to adapt.

The future is bright.

Ambazonia Anthem Lyrics

Hail Hail Hail
This land of Glory
We the Ambazonians
Pledge our Loyalty
Praise the son our saviour
Who granted us our Freedom?
Allegiance to the Heroes who
Bore the Land with their blood
Glory to Glory we rise
And never to fall
Here in our nation
Flowing with milk and honey
Glory, Glory
Glory to the father
For making you a Nation
A joy for evermore
Land of Freedom
You shall live in plenty
Meeting our needs
And your Children shall
Be Like the Stars above
The most High God Being
The watch Man of this
Nation (Repeat)