“Swiss-Process”: Nothing has happened…

Crying over spilt milk

The old saying goes, paraphrased, “No good crying over spilt milk”. It is much less good crying over someone else’s spilt milk or spilt milk that one never had … or over only a mirage of spilt milk.

There has been a rush to claim wisdom and good judgement with hindsight for not being intimately involved with the “process”. Some who could not cope with team work may now seek to extol their prophetic instincts in not taking the “process” seriously and point fingers at others for being naΓ―ve in giving the “process” higher importance than it deserved. Whatever the case, Ambazonia News never expected Ambazonia to come of out the “process” with any favourable or advantageous positions or genuine acquisitions at this stage of the struggle with the current balance of power. Certainly much less so, at the time of the setup of the “process” when Ambazonia was much less powerful, to pursue the power-balance argument. As always suspected, LRC, certainly, and possibly the “misunderstood partners”, were playing for time with the hope that wariness would account for the Ambazonia Liberation struggle and that “normalcy” would return and they would not have to do anything profound.

Shooting into school-run traffic: act of a party who wants to negotiate?

During the time of the “process” La Republique du Cameroun has continued to burn villages and massacre civilians in Ambazonia. They have continued their 60-year practice of cattling [this is not a word but expresses the idea!] the people of Ambazonia with armed check-points every mile of “road”. One of these check-points was actually constructed and inaugurated during this period in Bafut, to believe the reports at the time! The high-profile acts on these check-points in recent times were the killings of the two school girls with weeks of each other in Buea and then in Bamenda. In addition to these constant visual tools of intimidation and extortion on Ambazonian citizens generally and stealthily taxing them to pay for the militias to oppress them, La Republique du Cameroun also went even further and orchestrated massacres in villages. These were direct assaults by their militias, which were first denied and then acknowledged as “bavures” committed by individual militiamen or commanders. Do any of these acts, in their sheer volume and frequency, speak to a party that has any intention of a peaceful negotiated resolution? Has La Republique du Cameroun ever previously stated for the record anywhere that they were engaged in any “contacts”?

Why Now? What should Ambazonia do?

Having never acknowledged any engagement, and in fact denied for the record in the past, why is La Republique du Cameroun now making a big circus of “withdrawing from the Swiss-Process”? What conditions have aligned to convince their strategists that now is the time to break cover about playing for time? This acknowledgement, even by the peripheral figure of Mr JD Momo, went into boastful details of how Mr Biya had cleverly played the Ambazonian “Leaders” and eased the pressure from International partners. So the sage of Etoudi managed, to believe Mr Momo’s analysis (boasts), to out-wit all the parties who allowed their names to be associated with the “process”, viz. Canada, Switzerland, UK, USA and others. Really!

Ambazonia News believes that the international partners who “backed” the process probably had a self-interest in seeing the “crisis” die of wariness if it could. They certainly were not “played” by the clever Mr Biya, who couldn’t “play” a primary school child if he wanted, given his state of health over this period! Ambazonia should understand that those parties have no interest one way or the other and are not against Ambazonia per se. Neither are they against or for La Republique du Cameroun!

La Republique du Cameroun has used up that card now and burnt bridges with the “victim” International Partners so Ambazonia should take advantage. Ambazonian Leaders have always insisted we wanted independence but been nudged towards the possibility of a peaceful negotiated settlement, which, being a negotiation, would inevitably accrue only a lesser position! Ambazonian Leaders would not expect LRC to come to negotiate and agree to independence for Ambazonia! Now that Mr Momo has made it clear that the international partners cannot take Mr Biya’s or LRC’s word and declared LRC is not interested in a negotiation, Ambazonia’s position is strengthened when it comes to any considerations about possible negotiations.

For now Ambazonians on the ground should continue to exercise and enjoy their dignity. They should collaborate with the Restoration Forces and among themselves to live independence and dignity. They should engage with Community Education that they control for the true benefit of their children. That is a key and important milestone in breaking the colonialism that is the link with LA Republique du Cameroun. Ambazonian children will gain certificates which give them true access to social advancement, unlike the current racket which La Republique runs where parents have to pay bribes for the right to access an inadequate education, gain value-less certificates and then become unemployed and excluded unless their parents make additional financial sacrifices in pseudo competitions that the Ambazonia children should have won fairly.

Viability of Negotiations and when

La Republique du Cameroun is very unlikely to come to the negotiation table except at the very last opportunity. The legal positions militate against LRC. There is no union treaty so LRC is only exercising de fact authority over Ambazonia. As soon as any negotiations kick off, LRC has acknowledged Ambazonian sovereignty and the notion of granting any favours to Ambazonia would dissipate. LRC knows this and most international partners know it. They just hope that time will account for our Liberation struggle and that the de facto status quo would prevail.

To change this fate, Ambazonia must continue to expel all vestiges of LRC influence from our land and “behave” and “live” free.

The Most High God is the Watch Man of Our Nation!

This prayer is answered every time there is any slight doubt. Ambazonia’s focus now is on the one course to freedom – the forcible ejection of LRC from our lives and lands. There is no need to pause to say “I knew” or “I told you so!”. To quote Jimmy Cliff, “Our hearts are set; Our minds made up; We’ll never stop; Our faith will see us through”.

APP CGA resolves to decommission RC in competence and performance crisis

In a planned follow-up Constituent General Assembly the Ambazonia Peace Plan has reviewed the Restoration Council’s response to the APP resolutions 1 to 6 of 3rd September 2022.

Meeting on 15th September 2022 the APP CGA noted that the defunct Restoration, which had already been deemed failing under its Terms of Reference and declared defunct, had persisted in staging an irregular opaque process in defiance of the APP’s previous resolutions.

The APP had objected to vague and inappropriate clauses in the Election Modalities; the failure to submit the document to be enacted by the Executive; the opacity of the electoral list which had also not been duly released during the “election process”; and the general operations of the Election Commission of Ambazonia (ECA) which exceeded its purported remit by defending the Modalities rather than just applying them. This latter actΒ  promoted the general attitude of the RC in refusing to right the short-comings of the process, thereby nullifying the whole processes and resulting in a waste of already scarce resources and energies. It should be noted that the failure to enact the Modalities rendered the existence of the ECA null and void as it had no legal Terms of Reference, even if it also then engaged in campaigning in its “educational briefing events” and “election debates”.

Recall the 3/Sept/2022 resolutions here.

The full text of the 15/Sept/2022 resolutions here.

Elections: RC Civic status data

Shocking Revelations About The Members Of Defucnt Restoration Council

Ambazonia news has gathered details of the civic status, and therefore, their qualification, or not, to vote in the contested poll of 6th September 2022. The following are the quotes from our sources. To believe the data, it would appear only one of the Councillors could have legitimately voted, had the ECA enforced the provisions of the Modalities!

Begin quote:

We just completed verification of compliance to civic responsibility (CID and AR-FEE subscription status) of the 26 RC members (25 of whom voted)

Remember that the eligibility criteria to vote in the flawed electoral modalities of the defunct RC was that voters must be active CID and AR-FEE subscribers.

a) Only 3/26 RC members are active CID subscribers (Number 15 18 & 24). Six of them stopped their subscription months before the flawed elections (number 3, 10, 16, 19, 22 & 23). Seventeen of them have no CID records. ABOMINATION!

b) Only 1/26 RC member is an active AR-FEE subscriber (number 24). Strangely as you can see from the list, the only RC member that is paying both CID and AR-FEE (number 24) was declared not eligible to vote! ABOMINATION!

πŸ‘‰πŸ½Of the 26 RC members, 19 are from LGAs (less than one third of the 61 LGAs are represented)

πŸ‘‰πŸ½10 of 13 counties are POORLY represented AND 3 major counties are not represented: Bui (epitome of the liberation war), Fako (capital county) and Ndian (Amba bread basket with 9 LGAs).
Why poor representation? Mezam for example has just 3 of 7 LGAs represented, while Lebialem has 3/3 LGAs represented.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½Only Lebialem has representation from all the LGAs in the county.


1) Elvis K****a (Ngoketunjia. County with only 7 members in their county forum)

2) Chris*r A**a (Fontem-Lebialem)

3) Dr E**h A*****y (KMC, The chair of the commission which produced the electoral modalities)

4) A**e N*** (Fungom – Menchum)

5) Pastor Chris*****r N*****o (Santa-Mezam)

6) A***s O**u (Eyumojock – Manyu)

7) Pastor N***i A***d (Njinikom – Boyo)

8) A**m W*****m (SG RC, Lebialem origin)

9) Pastor D***y (Fundong – Boyo)

10) D*****y J****r K****l (Nwa-DMC)

11) F******k N**h (Consortium)

12) S**a T****s (EU rep)

13) L***s E******e (Mbonge – Meme)

14) M** A**h (Tubah – Mezam)

15) M***y ??? (EU rep)

16) N****n ??? (Tombel – KMC)

17) P****l B****t (Balikumbat – Ngoketunjia)

18) J******n T****e (Wabane – Lebialem)

19) B***o A*****t ( Moghamo-Momo)

20) G****n (Menemo – Momo)

21) N******c (Alou – Lebialem)

22) Edward (Wum – Menchum)

23) S******n M*****u (DMW region)

24) J****h Ekortarh (Upper Bayang – Manyu) πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™THE ONLY RC MEMBER PAYING CID & AR-FEEπŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ’™. Yet the only RC member who did not vote!

25) L******e (EU rep)

26) Taa A***g (Bafut – Mezam)

End quote

What to make of it

At face value this data would appear to explain the reluctance of the RC to revisit the Modalities when the Executive requested it. While this is certainly only a narrow window into the various “honorables'” contributions to the Liberation Struggle, as they could, and, indeed must, have other ways they have contributed, it does lend credence to the idea of the RC being defunct! They did not have to pass the Modalities, if indeed they did, with the provisions that would have stopped them voting! If they did pass the Modalities, they must not have read them, which makes them defunct! If they read and passed the Modalities and still voted, knowing they couldn’t, that would call into question their “honorableness” in a particularly serious way, which should have seen many of them voluntarily “request thanks” for their service! Having passed “laws” how could they be the first to break same laws?

Only one possible conclusion could accrue from the data and that is that the RC rigged the election and hoped it would all go unnoticed. They even allowed clauses that have nothing to do with elections to be tagged on and passed! For instance the A-Levels clause, the presidential pay clause and even the sheer number of typographical errors! What of the 200-year family history? Where did they get data to vet the candidates on that one?

The tragedy of the “elections” is that they used a system that would be rejected even in LRC! They must hope that it all turns out alright but nothing based on illegality and connivance ever does! Ambazonia News looks forward to the first cracks forming in the conspiracy! There is no way all that multitude could be actively involved but none of those who simply decided to look the other way, or hold their noses while condoning the flaws, can say they did not know when the edifice starts to crumble in the near future. They all saw the feedback which was public. The shouts of sabotage from the disciples of the King Makers were public. The campaign speeches by the “ECA commissioners” on behalf of certain candidates were public. The ECA also avoided producing the voter list throughout! It can only be hoped that they could not compile one for if they could, and knew that they did not have a viable voter body, it would be a disturbing collusion to encompass an entire commission! If they couldn’t it would be lamentable to ponder the idea that a whole body of commissioners lacked a courageous critical mass to come clean.

What about 90+% voting for a candidate who insisted he wanted to be paid and whose “campaign” opened with him reciting sensitive information to the public and insisting one of his assets was that he could travel on short notice when he also revealed information which should stop anyone expecting him to travel even if he wanted to do? Ambazonians must be desperate to listen to all the reasons why a candidate is unsuitable, from their own voice, to coin a phrase, and still throw in their lot simply on a “hope”! Staging elections just to stage elections is the easiest way to show your immaturity and failure to learn and adapt is a tragic illustration that we still have some way to go.

The Positive?

For once, it is a positive that we are not all collected and locked in this questionable tent. Imagine if the questions about the dealings of the Comrade turned out to be as founded as many think and everyone had allowed themselves to be corralled into his tent! Does not bear contemplating!

Ambazonia will survive and prevail! If we are mistaken about the Comrade, we will be the first to praise his achievements when he moves the Liberation Struggle forward. We promise to not say “We told you so!” and very much hope that we are mistaken.

Thankfully G0 is finally showing some common sense and judgement and quite soon a balance should be struck.

The Most High God be the Watchman of Ambazonia

Election Modalities – the introduction

This section extols the need to promote accountability and responsiveness in the leaders, including during a war.

It also promotes the opportunity for voter education in an open and competitive election process which would force aspirants to defend their past actions and future plans for their proposed tenure. The following two paragraphs are quoted directly:

” Elections thus provide political education for citizens and ensure the responsiveness of democratic governments to the will of the people. The overwhelming majority of Southern Cameroonian (Ambazonians) have demanded election modalities to govern the conduct of elections to the presidency of the country. “

“This law (Election Modalities) is therefore intended to provide a leveled playing field where Ambazonians aspiring to presidential leadership of our struggle can exercise their civic rights in a free and fair election.
Modalities of election of members into other institutions shall be subject to another law (The APP Laws).”

The Critique

The responsiveness extoled here in this quote contrasts with the Restoration Council’s lack of response to the flaws and deficiencies outlined in the Executive feedback! It is tempting to also point to the several typographical errors which persist in the document. Laws are supposed to be unambiguous and the minimum that should have been ensured was that the words used were the intended words and one way is to submit to many eyes to help spot and correct them.

The unintended consequence of the “competitive” process has lead to challenges verging on personal insults and interpreted as such! Ambazonia News doubts whether this particular artefact was intended or anticipated by the RC. The solution would have been a properly reviewed and amended document based on common consensus rather than a flawed edict which the RC then allowed many vocal “defenders” to “protect” with accusations of “sabotage”.

What about a solution? One way would be by responsively addressing feedback, after duly presenting the draft to the people and other organs of government.

It must be noted and clear that ownership of the document belongs to the citizens, even if, at first glance it appears to be the purview of the RC. The individuals who happen to be at the RC at any time will come and go. Being in the RC does not elevate anyone to a status of infallibility! Instead, Councillors would benefit from being responsive to the aspirations and views of their constituents.

Find the complete Modalities here or look at the critique of section 2

Election Modalities: 1st objection

The first objection is the fact that the modalities were not brought to the people’s assembly, at the Ambazonia Peace Plan Forum ( APP), for the constitutionally required presentation. Then the document was published without the president’s signature and is being applied without that signature!

The solution?

When reminded of this the simple and most straight forward solution was to present it as required, to the APP Forum and then submitted the document to the president to sign it. This would have sufficed regardless of any amendments. A reflective and responsive institution would have accepted feedback and expedited the process with gratitude!

Find the complete Modalities here or go to the critique of section 1

Section 2 – The attributes of Presidential aspirants

In this section there is some scope for discretion from the ECA. Discretion is exactly what allows fraudulent practices to flourish. In an electoral process which seeks to boast of fairness and transparency it is best to minimise these windows.


Given the history of Ambazonia, there is no way a candidate would be able to provide documentary evidence to meet clause 2.1.1! This means discretion is introduced! Of course Ambazonia News would be pleasantly surprised to be reassured that every candidate managed to provide 200 years of background!


How was 2.1.2 decided? What excludes a 34 year old or a 71 year old? These limits do have the merit of eliminating the discretion that Ambazonia News objects to!

2.1.4 Professional, Moral and social status could be judged by letters from “reliable referees”. Granted. A reliable source of income could be establish by which criteria? Is the community to be consulted explicitly to complete this bit of vetting?

What about 2.1.6 “May have skills …”. Is that essential? Could a candidate be disqualified for an attribute the only “may” have? More scope for discretion! There is at least one typographical error in this one and the whole concept does not cover the simple idea of visas! What are major restrictions that could impact the vetting outcome?

Look at the complete Modalities

Ambazonia Elections: Constituents Assembly resolutions on irregularities gridlock.

The Ambazonia Elections 2022 has been plagued by failures to address pre-poll challenges contrary even to the current Election Modalities, Ambazonia News understands from sources close to the deliberations.

The incumbent president raised concerns about lack of consultation, the inadequacy of some provisions and the failure initially to properly present the modalities to the Constituents Assembly or get the signature of the president before publication as a law.

Calls for these issues to be addressed were not heeded even with an acknowledgement of receipt. Instead a minority of members of the Restoration Council engaged in a campaign of intimidation labelling the challenges sabotage.

The president duly convened a Constituents General Assembly of the Ambazonia Peace Plan on Saturday 3 September 2022 to address her concerns as time runs out on a consensual resolution ahead of the poll.

After hearing from several speakers, including the key contributor to the framework for the Election Modalities and county Chairs who outlined shortcomings in the operation of the Election Commission of Ambazonia, the assembly passed several resolutions to ask the IG to regularize the document. The expert testimony confirmed that the widespread concerns about the ECA operation were a moot point as the Election Modalities could not be operational without having been signed into law by the executive.

Read the resolutions of the Ambazonia Peace Plan Constituents Assembly here.

Elections 2022: Just win or do the right thing?

President Marianta Njomia has concluded that the RC is not going to amend the Election Modalities to meet the needs of Ambazonia.

The president has issued a document to outline the flaws, the biggest of which was the failure to pass the “law” through a citizens’ assembly or even to get the presidential signature as required by constitutional articles.

Ambazonia news will be doing an article-by-article analysis of the offending “Election Modalities” in separate posts but we can confirm that the president has chosen to persist with doing the right thing – making sure that Ambazonian institutions are functional and fit for purpose, not just for the present poll but in setting a standard for being reflective and responsive to the needs of all citizens henceforth.

Time will tell how the conflict evolves but Ambazonians would benefit from inspecting the facts and drawing their own conclusions. Our citizens are not and should not be helpless. They should know the facts and insist on their representatives being responsive and reflective to/of the citizens’ wishes. This should apply to all representatives be they LGA chairs, or County Chairs, or Restoration Councillors or members of the Executive.

The president is insisting on transparency and accountability. That is the right thing to do in the view of Ambazonia news.

Refer to the president’s objections here.

Refer to the complete Election Modalities here

Community Schools in Ambazonia: a growing reality, LRC confirms

In a helpful progress check for the citizens of Ambazonia, a LRC functionary has “banned” several Community Schools.

This ban is going to be as effective as the ban on scbc TV a few years ago. Actually much less so. Whatever effect it has in the short term, the long list demonstrates the increasing confidence of Ambazonians to take their dignity in hand and control their own future. In the long term the Ambazonians have decided they need to provide the opportunities their children need to unleash their creativity and join modern society.

Ambazonians can be reassured that their education system will give their children more valuable qualifications than they would get under the LRC colonial system where qualifications do not lead to any kind of social advancement. LRC’s system is riddled with nepotism and corruption so that those who get the jobs sometimes do not need to have gained any qualifications, or sometimes even have studied at all.

Congratulations to the Ambazonians for making the break. An interim curriculum is understood to be in the works and likely to be available in the near future.

Collaboration will consolidate our dignity and freedom.

Our children will shine like the stars above as the most High God is the Watchman of our nation.