Dr Cho Ayaba on symbolism and power…

Fellow Ambazonians

The occupier has a face, it has policies, institutions and practices designed to make it the owner of our country.

The strategic orientation of any people during a Liberation struggle is to undermine and dismantle every institution, eliminate any policy and practices that resembles that of their enemy.

We expect all Ambazonians to help educate and enforce all policies and practices that make Ambazonia Free and Independent. If Independence must mean Independence we must take full control. The enemy cannot be allowed to develop and enforce policies that projects its authority: we should.

The enemy must be delegitimised, embarrassed and rejected. We must ensure that our people begin to adopt standards and practices that projects Ambazonia sovereign powers over our Territory.

These policies may look small but they are big political statements on matters of sovereignty and control. You do not stay home on Mondays and fight and die in the bushes for your enemy to collect taxes. You do not bleed to have the enemy control Car number plates. All it’s infrastructure from Finance to schools must be dismantled. We must have zero tolerance for anything Cameroun.

Dr Cho Ayaba

Accountability in Action…

President Marianta Njomia wants to learn the lessons of the first hundred days as well as ensure Ambazonia builds strong institutions.

Strong institutions will ensure the resilience that a young country needs to navigate her first steps.

Accountability and transparency will make collaboration easier for all the groups engaged in our liberation movement.